Alternatives to Rolisteam

Rolisteam helps you manage tabletop role-playing games with remote friends/players. Its features include Music player, drawing tool, rich text editor, dice rolling, sharing maps, pictures and tool to communicate with your friends/players’. It has a lot of useful alternatives that work great for most of the operating systems such as Windows, Android, Mac and iPhone. The topmost alternatives to Rolisteam are D&D Beyond (Freemium), MapTool (Free, Open Source), Foundry Virtual Tabletop (Paid) and Fantasy Grounds (Paid).

Rolisteam Info, Screenshots, and Reviews

Rolisteam, a virtual tabletop software, offers a lot of tools to help users make a map and create several designs 9in the game to support the RPG design. You get to enjoy the enhanced experience of the role-playing game and Rolisteam even lets remote friends access any module of the game directly.

The beautiful interface allows for smooth navigation; some other features offered by the program include an integrated music player, character sheet, drawing tools, unit converter, name generator, and various other features. Rolisteam is compatible with most of the operating system and has different features for each one of them. With standalone multi-room server support, bookmark, shared note, PDF viewer and sharing, Rolisteam is one of the best alternatives to OrcPub.

Alternatives to Rolisteam

1. The Orcpub

2. Adventure’s Codex

3. Roll20

4. PlanarAlly

5. Beyond Tabletop

6. D&D Beyond

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