PlanarAlly is a web tool that provides virtual battlemaps with various extras to your D&D toolbox’. It lets you add virtual battlemaps with various extras to your D&D toolbox and allows self-hosting, provides offline support, Dynamic lighting, Player vision, Initiative tracker and much more.

PlanarAlly has a lot of alternatives that work for most of the platforms including Windows, Online / Web-based, Mac, Android and iPhone. The topmost alternatives to PlanarAlly are D&D Beyond (Freemium), MapTool (Free, Open Source), Foundry Virtual Tabletop (Paid) and Fantasy Grounds (Paid).

Planar Ally Info, Screenshots, and Reviews

PlanarAlly, a tabletop tool, is another top alternative to OrcPub, that offers open-source software for web integration and desktop modules. It lets players explore different multiple fictional worlds and the interface has been designed for easy usability. The dungeon-like interface improves your gaming experience. With easy navigation, you can access the cloud dashboard, customize it and share your work.

You can see the tutorial to know how the platform functions and you can even share your ideas on how to improve the system and what features you would want to add.

Some other important features include authentication, smart user interface, self-hosting, live support, and others. To use the platform at its complete potential, you need to enable JavaScript. 

Alternatives to PlanarAlly

1. The Orcpub

2. Adventure’s Codex

3. Roll20

4. Rolisteam

5. Beyond Tabletop

6. D&D Beyond

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Comments & Reviews

  • The best free tool to play D&D in a dark dungeon.
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