Adventure’s Codex is an easy to use and open source tool that lets tabletop RPG players to manage their characters, campaigns, and parties. Some of its features are: group chat, party dashboard, and a combat management tool that lets you focus on the game by bringing your paper character sheets into the 21st century. There are a lot of great alternatives to Adventure’s Codex including apps and websites that run on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. Out of all the alternatives, the best one is Roll20, which is free and other options include D&D Beyond (Freemium), Fantasy Grounds (Paid), Astral Tabletop (Freemium) and Beyond Tabletop (Free)..

Adventure’s Codex Info, Screenshots, and Reviews

Adventure’s Codex is an easy-to-use Open Source Tool for tabletop RPG players that lets you manage the characters, and campaigns. The interface is excellent and offers you a security module to integrate any game into the system. It is a great platform for players and DMs to enjoy D&D in a new, collaborative way.

The user-friendly interface of Adventure’s Codex makes it easy to navigate through the platform and use it properly. The important features provided by the platform include modified calculations, multiple character support, and automatic restore; apart from that, it even keeps a note of your coins, treasure power, and other things. 

Alternatives to Adventure’s Codex

1. The Orcpub

2. PlanarAlly

3. Roll20

4. Rolisteam

5. Beyond Tabletop

6. D&D Beyond

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Comments & Reviews

  • Easy to use and adapt,
  • Nice layout, can also be used on a smartphone as well as computer.
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