OrcPub can be explained as a ‘D&D5e’ tool that acts as a character builder, and a spell creator. OrcPub has a lot of alternatives that works on most of the platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Most of its alternatives are free, such as Roll20, D&D Beyond, Beyond Tabletop and much more.

Note- OrcPub no longer exists and got shut down in 2019 or before.

OrcPub Info, Screenshot and Reviews

OrcPub, a well-known tool, was used for creating and building characters for the RPG campaign and games. This platform facilitated users to create any character they want using any category. Users can even decide what sort of character they want to create such as a warrior, leader or monk, and so on. So, creating any kind of monster for your game was so easy with OrcPub as you get to choose from a lot of options. Not only this, but you could also add different spells to the customized characters in order to increase their powers and abilities. 

All in all, OrcPub used to be a platform that let users manage the ongoing campaigns of their games and characters. It allowed you to review the characters before you launch them and also check their progress.

Alternatives to The OrcPub

1. PlanarAlly

2. Adventure’s Codex

3. Roll20

4. Rolisteam

5. Beyond Tabletop

6. D&D Beyond

So if you are looking for alternatives to OrcPub, here you will find some great options.

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