Terms and Conditions

Whatever services you use you are supposed to follow the terms and conditions of it; same is the case with the GrabTech.net. So in this blog let us know about the Terms and conditions of the GrabTech which is owned as well as operated by the GrabTech.net name and is also affiliated to the GrabTech Company which is us. 

The site includes terms and conditions as mentioned below –

  1. The site will be having the information of the services that are provided by the GrabTech.net and in other words are available to the users by the GrabTech. The medium of the information hardly matters and could include the affiliated sites, mobile applications, products, videos or even applications as when they are available. The rights are reserved by us to suspend or modify or discontinue the site temporarily or permanently or at any time or from time to time too; and it could be with notice or even without notice too. 
  2. The site does not favour the use of children as it is not designed in the format that the children can use it. So, the site does not advise the use of the site by children of below 13 years. Also the children of age below 13 years are suggested not to provide the site with any of the personal knowledge or the personal details.
  3. The site does not give the guarantee that the content of site is available or even accessible to the users that are outside the United States as the site might not be legally sanctioned in some countries and also some regions too so that the users cannot access the site in those regions. And if any person residing in the United States or states where the site is banned is found using the site then he or she will be held responsible for violating the rules and regulations of the local laws and strict actions could be taken against the person. 


  • The content available on the site is especially available for only educational purposes and not for any other purpose and it could be the sole risk of the users only. 
  • The site or the company will not be responsible for the accurateness, the value or completeness of the information; also the site will not take guarantee for any of the errors, omissions or even for the inaccuracies in the content and the site will also not be responsible if the user is only relying on the available content.  
  • Only the user will be held responsible for the verification of the information being considered as appropriate for their personal use. 

The right to modify the site – the terms of the use 

The entire right to modify the site stays with the company only which means with us and the company can change or modify the site at any time we wish to. The task of the users will be to have a look at the updates of the site so that they don’t miss out on any of the useful information and it could be used by the users too in the latest version as soon as they have updated the site to its latest version. 

The changes that we have done in the site will only be visible to you when you will update the site to the latest version and if you are a user who is continuously using the site and its services then it means that you have agreed to the policies and have also accepted the change. 

The Intellectual Property

All the content that is available on the GrabTech.net is the property of GrabTech only like the content including sounds, videos, music, software, text, photographs, graphics, illustrations, artwork, names, logos, trademarks, and other content is protected by the copyright and trademark and also other laws too. You can use the content of the site only for the purpose of your personal work and you can only use it for non- commercial use. Under any circumstances the use of the content can be modified, distributed , reproduced, sold, published, disseminated, broadcasted or even circulated without taking permission from the GrabTech.net also, the permission must be in writing. 

The GrabTech.net will only give you a personal, non – transferable, non – exclusive, revocable license which will be to use the site and the content and the material of the site for non – commercial and personal use as per the terms of the use of the site. And if you are found violating the rules of the site you could be sued by the team of the GrabTech.net and some legal action could be taken against them. The issues of the copyright are dealt by the company as the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

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