IPTorrents and Its Proxy Sites

You may have heard of or used numerous torrent websites to get free stuff like movies, web series, e-books, and whatnot. But have you heard of IPTorrents that provide everything all together? Well, if you have, you must have been wondering what it is and why won’t it let you access the site like any other torrent site. We have the answer to it. 

The site IPTorrents.com is an invite-only website, which means, anyone first has to invite you to the website, which will turn you into a member of it. Once you are a member of the website, you’ll be able to access the site’s content without any hassle. Another way to register yourself on the website is to get a membership of IPTorrents. There’s a lot to know about this unique website, so without wasting a second, let’s proceed toward it. 

What is IPTorrents?


You must have been wondering why would a torrent site even look for subscribers, there’s an abundance of torrent sites that can render us with the same stuff for free. But there’s something about IPTorrents that makes users buy its subscription, and the very first aspect is the speed IPTorrents provides. One of the major reasons IPTorrents is known is that it is the quickest torrent site. 

Apart from the speed, IPTorrents is one of the rarest sites that provide accessible private trackers. Coming back to the speed again, the site’s capacity to download or even browse through content is about 10 times faster than any other torrent site. This is why most users only opt for IPTorrents.com without even thinking about any other torrent site. 

IPTorrents also keeps on updating the site with the latest web series, TV shows, movies, and even games. The site also provides links to some verified torrent files to its regular users. The site has an enormous amount of content with some strong filters that can assist you with your desired content. 

Well, we haven’t even gotten on to the most exceptional feature of this website, which is its Credit System. When a user starts to gain more credits, they get to upload bandwidth with their credits. I don’t think there’s any other torrent site that offers the “credit system” to their users. Well, maybe this is why there’s a subscription offer for this site with a large base of registered users. 

Let’s now have a look at some IPTorrents reviews. 

IPTorrents Website Review

There’s a criterion that everyone has to keep in their mind in order to stay active on the site, which is, to maintain a minimum number of uploads. This helps them ensure healthy uploading all the time. But do remember that this is a private website, so the new members can only join by paying the membership fees or through an invitation sent by a member only. 

Here are some IPTorrents reviews and features that users appreciate the most:

IPTorrents reviews

High picture quality– One of the most common features that IPTorrents is known for is the picture quality it offers. Fans have especially mentioned the picture quality they get while downloading or streaming movies online on IPTorrents. 

Speed– Well we have already discussed it enough to make you believe that the download speed is what IPTorrents is best known for. At IPTorrents, just a couple of seeds can give you a download speed of 120 KB/s, while there are hundreds of seeders that assist you with the download. Now that’s more than any torrent site. 

Medley of content– Most torrent sites focus on providing limited content so that only a particular base of the audience is attracted to their site. Whereas, IPTorrents provides a pool of content with multiple variations that lets the super get their hands on literally anything and everything. You can get access to unlimited movies, web series, TV shows, games, and whatnot. 

Privileged membership– Another best trait that users mentioned for IPTorrents is its membership feature, once you have registered yourself as a member of IPTorrents, you can get access to verified torrents and the pool of content available on IPTorrents. You can register yourself as a member simply by donating an amount of money via PayPal to the website. 

Selected uploaders– Each and every uploader that is posted on the website, is selected very carefully and with high quality to assist the user with the premium content. The minimum speed required by an uploader is 150 KB/s. 

Freeleech and points– Each and every torrent that you download is recorded and updated in your account. Freeleech on the contrary are the torrents that you download but aren’t recorded in your account. With Freeleech, you can download any data without having it recorded in your account. While the point system is to trade the amounts of downloads with the pint that one has accumulated so far. Points are added to your accounts when you have active torrents to your accounts. 

The audience has even certified IPTorrents as the best torrent site so far, especially for adult content, animation, Hollywood-based content, and TV series.  

Let’s now get to know some mirror/proxy sites of IPTorrents while comprehending how to unlock them. 

IPTorrents Mirror/Proxy Sites

Now that you have learned so much about this remarkable site, it might be a little heartbreaking for you to know that the official site of IPTorrents is blocked at the moment. But wait, here’s a piece of good news for you, there are numerous mirror/proxy sites of IPTorrents that grant the users the exact same thing. Mirror/proxy sites are just like the primary site, it’s just the domain name of the site that changes, the rest stays untouched. 

These proxy sites are replicas of the site, hence, operating them is quite straightforward too. Just like IPTorrents, the proxy sites will let you download all your favorite content in no time and in ultra HD quality. 

After the ban of IPTorrents’s official site, users from all around the globe are hopping on to its mirror/proxy sites. So if you want to unlock it too, the foremost thing you’ll be needing is one of its fully working proxy sites. Here’s a list of some 100% working proxy/mirror sites of IPTorrents:

Unblocking IPTorrent Sites Using VPN

Dispute using mirror/proxy sites of IPTorrents, there’s no guarantee of maintaining your privacy or data protection. In this case, a VPN is the most appropriate option. 

A VPN lets you hide your identity without trackers letting you know your IP address or anything about you. VPN (Virtual Private Network) directs all the traffic on the internet via a virtual IP address that changes every time you use a VPN, this is what helps a VPN to stifle a user’s identity.

However, as you know that everything has its pros and cons, where a VPN can be very helpful in concealing your identity, it can also be very costly at the same time. And not just that, it also hampers your download speed, plus, due to shortages of available servers, you may also have to compromise with the streaming quality of your content. 

Here’s a list of some best VPN providers:

So, this was pretty much all about IPTorrent and unlocking its proxy sites, let’s now have a look at some of the alternative sites that work exactly like it. 

Alternatives to IPTorrents

Here are some alternative sites to IPTorrents that work just like it. You can use these sites in case you are unable to get access to IPTorrents:

1. Anime Bytes

Anime Bytes

If you are a die-hard anime fan and only looking for anime content, this is the perfect site for you. The site is available all around the world and has a wide variety of content to offer. 

2. Pass The Popcorn

Pass The Popcorn

The site is perfect for unlimited movies, here, you will find all genres and categories of movies, even movies in multiple languages. The site has more than 35000 users accessing from all around the world. 

3. Bibliotik


As the name says it all. Bibliotik is a website for all bibliophiles. The site has over 3,00,000 torrents of various varieties. It is a private torrent site solely for e-books and articles. 

4. YTS


Another perfect and one of the best alternatives to IPtorrents is YTS. The site is a perfect platform for e-learning, instructional videos, audiobooks, novels, documentaries, and whatnot. 

5. What.CD


The site consists of a wide variety of premium content and it is a private torrent site along with a private tracker. A user may have to join PTP due to its front page, but apart from that everything about the site is perfect and eminent. 


We do not support or promote piracy in any form, we are strictly against any such unethical activity. We are only here for an informative purpose and nothing more or less than that. Plus, we advise our readers to only opt for ethical and legal sites or apps. 

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