Best Torrent Sites for eBooks

If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book yet. This is rightly said. Even in this tech-savvy world, books haven’t lost their importance at all. It doesn’t matter if you read books for academic purposes or in your leisure time, they are a reliable source of knowledge. Books are known to be the best source of knowledge and information. Plus it improves analytical thinking.

There are many sites and links you can access where you can have the whole book within seconds. Yes, this is not a prank or a joke. You can download any book from a site free of cost. So let’s dig into it. Here, you can find multiple torrent sites to download an ebook for free. 

Let’s look at the top 10 ebooks torrent sites for curious readers:

Website Highlight
WikibooksMultifaceted E-book website 
The Pirate BayAn All-in-one platform
Free e-Books.netAvailable all across the world
1337XGreat Collection of ebooks
TorlockAll verified torrents
Book-Share50,000+ Shareable e-books
Torrent9Best Interface
BookYards7000+ ebooks and audiobooks.
ZLibraryDedicated eBook Tracker
MyAnonaMouse (MAM)Clean User-Interface
Kickass Torrentsextensive library of EBooks
Library GenesisDedicated eBook Tracker

But, are you aware of how reading can change your life? Let’s take it this way, when we read a novel with some mysterious plot, we tend to try to solve the mystery by ourselves, even without reaching the end page of the book. This is where you begin to enhance your thinking and imaginative skills. 

  • Reading books has a direct beneficiary influence on your mental as well as physical health. 
  • Reading strengthens your brain.
  • It increases your ability to empathize and understand complex things. 
  • It builds your vocabulary and reduces stress. 

Well, you are already well aware of these aspects and that is why you are here. The problem that arises sometimes is that you just want to read the book without facing all the trouble of visiting the local library, looking for the book, and filling the entry or without spending a nasty amount of money at a bookshop or even waiting for your book to arrive if you ordered it online. Enter e-books and the torrent sites have the best e-book collection of all time. Let’s check the detailed explanation of these torrent ebooks websites.

Best Torrent Sites to Download E-Books

Let’s get started with some of the best Torrent sites for ebooks. 

  1. Wikibooks
Best FeaturesSimple interface, Content is segregated into different sections, well-formed structure 
Content available Audios and e-books
AvailabilityThroughout the world

Wikibooks tops the rank of best e-books. The site is quite popular among book lovers and has a huge database of e-books. The site has books not just in English but also in Deutsch, Portugues, Italian, Hindi, and even in many more languages. This is the best feature of Wikibooks. 

The UI of Wikibooks is pretty clean and if you search for a book here, you will find that the process is pretty simple. The torrent site of Wikibooks is available in the entire world.

To download e-books from Wikibooks, simply select the language you want to read the book in and search for the book. Click here to visit Wikibooks directly. 

  1. The Pirate Bay
the pirate bay
Best FeaturesMagnet links, Peer-to-Peer file sharing, and high-end security 
Content available Movies, music, TV shows, games, software
AvailabilityBanned in some countries 

The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest and the most reliable Torrent sites when it comes to e-books. The Torrent site has a minimal UI and there’s a search bar right on the home page with some filters. 

Majorly, all the torrents on The Pirate Bay are verified so there won’t be an issue finding a book here. 

On Pirate Bay, you can just simply search for the title of the book you are looking for and you will be able to find literally any possible type of book you are looking for. 

Pirate Bay is so famous that there are so many people on it so the top 100 ebook pages are in the “best seller/best stolen” list. 

The best feature of The Pirate Bay is that it offers peer-to-peer sharing. It has many other types of content too like- music, movies, games, TV shows. Click here to visit The Pirate Bay directly. 

  1. Free
Free Ebooks
Best FeaturesSans ads and popups, e-books are well organized in different sections
Content available E-books only
AvailabilityAcross the world

Free is another reliable website for downloading free books. The content here is organized in a very professional way into different sections like fiction, sci-fictions, fantasy, science, business, philosophy, technology, etc. 

The ebooks here are available in pdf format. The site also shows the size of the book as well as the number of downloads every book has. To get access to the free books here, you will have to perform a quick sign-up first. 

The best feature about this site is that there is no advertisement on the site, the site runs very smoothly and the site is very well organized. Free is available in every country across the world. Click here to visit the Free

  1. 1337X
Best features Cleanest User-Interface, dedicated sections for books, torrents for audiobooks
Content available Anime, TV shows, movies, music, games, software
Availability Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom

Another best site for downloading e-books is 1337X. It has a well-dedicated section for both ebooks and audiobooks. 1337X allows its users to not just download e-books but also to upload them. The site has a well-developed UI that makes it easier for the users to look for their desired books and download the books using the magnet links. 

In addition to e-books, 1337X also provides movies, games, anime, apps, and much more. The best part about 1337X is that it has a simple and clean UI and it has different types of content. 1337X is banned in Australia, Austria, Ireland, and the United kingdom. Click here to visit 1337X.

  1. Torlock 
Best features It only lists verified torrents.
Content available Movies, TV shows, anime, software
Availability Australia, India, United Kingdom

Another simple and convenient torrent website for downloading free ebooks is Torlock. Torlock also has a very simple UI making giving users a smooth experience. Torlock comes under the best ebooks downloading sites. It provides other types of content too like anime, movies, TV shows, etc. 

Not just that, Torlock comes under some of the few websites that are verified which is the best part about it. Searching and downloading the books is pretty much straightforward here. Although you might encounter some advertisements while surfing here, the site offers an excellent quality of books. Torlock is banned in Australia, India, and the United kingdom. Click here to visit Torlock

  1. Book-Share
book share
Best features It provides the language, the number of pages, and description of every e-books
Content available ebooks
Availability Across the world.

One of the best torrent sites for downloading and reading books is Book-Share. Here, you will find every book and ebook well organized according to their categories like technology, sci-fi, engineering, humor, literature, philosophy, psychology, religion, and much more. 

The site itself displays everything like language, number of pages, and even a brief description of every book. It has a very clean and simple UI that makes it easier for the users to find a book. The thing to keep in mind here is you will have to sign-up first before downloading an ebook. The site is available in the entire world. Click here to visit Book-Share directly. 

  1. Torrent9 
Best FeatureClean and simple user-interface
Content Available movies, TV shows, games, music, software
Availability Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Morocco

Another perfect site for ebooks is Torrent9. The best part about this site is it is also verified, making it even more reliable, just like Torlock.

It has a separate section for ebooks, making it easier for users to find their desired books. All the different types of content have a different section. 

The UI of this site is pretty impressive. Here you won’t only find ebooks but also many different types of content like movies, TV shows, games, music, anime content, etc. if you are from Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, the united kingdom, or Morocco, you won’t have the access to the site, as the site is blocked in these countries. Click here to visit Torrent9 directly. 

  1. BookYards
Best FeaturesIt offers more than 7000 ebooks and audiobooks
Content availability ebooks, audiobooks, scanned books
AvailabilityThroughout the world

Another well-developed and one of the best torrent sites for ebooks is BookYards. The site has an amazing collection of more than 7000 books and audiobooks. Downloading any book from here is absolutely free. 

The books here are wonderfully organized into multiple categories like art, diction, religion, spirituality, philosophy, parenting, biography, economics, and many more. 

In BookYards, the books are available in a pdf format. All in all, BookYards is a completely reliable torrent site and it is guaranteed that you will find some good content here. The torrent site is available in the entire world. Click here to visit BookYards directly. 

  1. ZLibrary 
Best FeaturesIt has multiple filtering options, and is quite reliable 
Content available Fully dedicated to ebooks
AvailabilitySome ISPs target the website 

Another perfect torrent site for ebooks is ZLibrary. The special feature about this torrent site that makes it stand apart from the rest of the site is that along with the books, it also provides articles.

ZLibrary allows you to download up to 10 ebooks daily on a free account. Plus they are supported by a donation system that is continuously working to increase your downloading limits. 

The UI of this site is visually very simple making it very simple to search for the books. ZLibrary displays the size of every book along with the date when it was uploaded. The torrent is very reliable and you will find some good content here. Click here to visit ZLibrary directly. 

  1.  MyAnonaMouse (MAM)
Best FeaturesNeat GUI, ebooks divided into different sections 
Content AvailabilityEbooks and audiobooks
AvailabilityAcross the world

Another one of the best torrent sites is MyAnonaMouse. If you are looking for a gigantic collection of educational books and audiobooks, MyAnonaMouse is the perfect site for you. 

MyAnonaMouse has a very clean and simple UI plus it has different sections for each type of book like health, business, medical, novel, entertainment, technology, graphic & designs, and much more. It is available in the entire world. 

All-inclusive, MyAnonaMouse is the perfect site for educational books and audiobooks. Click here to visit MyAnonaMouse directly. 

  1. Kickass Torrents
Kickass Torrents
Best FeaturesGiant book library, plenty of EBooks. Self-explanatory interface
Content AvailabilityBooks, games, software applications, movies, etc.
AvailabilitySome VPNs may restrict this 

Another great torrent site for ebooks is Kickass Torrents. Here, you can find those books that you weren’t able to find anywhere else. They also use the magnet links for downloading books and ebooks. The site is available in the entire world. The site is very reliable and can help you with some really good content within a few clicks only. Click here to visit Kickass Torrents directly. 

  1. Library Genesis
Library Genesis
Best FeaturesDigital Library) with millions of eBook trackers, minimal User-Interface, various filtering options
Content Availabilityjournal articles, academic and general ebooks, comics, and magazines
AvailabilityAvailable across the world 

One of the most special and amazing torrent sites of books and textbooks is Library Genesis. University students use this torrent site instead of their textbooks. Well, who is to blame? The textbooks are ruthfully expensive. 

Library Genesis has all the books a person can ask for and they can have full access to it within a few clicks. 

When it comes to downloading books, Library Genesis can be a little weird and it might look something like that you wouldn’t trust. But trust me, it is very simple and once you get used to it, there is no going back. 

Before moving on to the next step for downloading content, make sure that you have security measures set up on your device just in case. 

Library Genesis is best for finding your textbook pdfs and other books that most of the other torrent sites might not have. 

Now that you have known all the sources of ebooks from torrent, let’s talk about the pros and cons of downloading ebooks from there. 

Pros and Cons of Downloading eBooks from Torrent

It is totally undeniable that getting ebooks from torrent is extremely beneficial and easy but nothing comes for free, right? Everyone and everything has its downfalls. So let’s talk about them. 

You must be aware of the fact that once you have downloaded a file from a torrent, your device will automatically start receiving some distributions. This means that once you have downloaded ebooks from torrent, you will start distributing them. This is the biggest disadvantage of torrents because this leads to direct copyright infringement.

Let’s learn more about the pros and cons of downloading files from Torrent sites:

Pros of Downloading ebooks

  • It is absolutely free
  • You can find a huge collection of ebooks in one place.
  • There is no registration.
  • There is a wide selection of languages for audiobooks and ebooks. 

Cons of Downloading ebooks

  • Prohibited in some countries like Germany and Belgium. 
  • It requires torrent client installation.
  • It has a high risk of copyright infringement. 

Once you start reading a book, I don’t think there’s any going back then. They benefit you in a way you would have never even imagined of. They act as a stress buster. No, this is not some persuasive technique, reading stimulates your mind and diverts your mind from any sort of issues, problems that are responsible for your stress. 

Well, not just reducing stress, reading also helps you improve your analytical thinking skills. 

Hence, now that you have got everything and every source of getting free ebooks, what are you waiting for? Visit the above-mentioned sites and start your wonderful journey of reading without further ado. 

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