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Reddit User Base

Reddit is one of those websites that scuffles to pinpoint a specific category, but it’s based on a forum-style site. 

Unlike mainstream social media platforms, Reddit utilizes the idea of a forum structure, so while it meets some of the criteria for a social media platform, it’s different. Reddit’s uniqueness, in part, is from its anonymity. 

Reddit is a form of social media network in that it’s social. The interface of Reddit is forum based. It’s a network of members, and people share their thoughts and opinions.

How Many People Use Reddit in 2022?

  • Reddit has a massive 1.5 billion registered users, over 430 million monthly active users, and 52 million active daily users. 
  • Reddit beats Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, Instagram, or Twitter and becomes the sixth most visited website in the United States
  • Around 26.4 million people in the US are monthly site users, accounting for nearly 50% (48.9%) of Reddit’s traffic.
  • The UK came in second with 7.73% of Reddit’s traffic.

Reddit: A User-based Forum 

Reviews on Reddit are reliable and can be trusted Because all the reviews come from the end users. There is no brand marketing or affiliate marketing involved. Instead, it is considered the best platform for top recommendations and suggestions regarding anything, whether it is tech-related or brand-related. 

A Quick Guide to the Best VPNs According to Reddit User’s Review

These are some Best VPNs on Reddit, according to users. 

1. ExpressVPN, despite its price, is ranked by Reddit users as the safest and fastest VPN to use.

2. SurfsharkVPN is one of the best VPNs by Reddit users because of its price and quality performance.

3. NordVPN is the best VPN Reddit users upvoted the most in 2022. 

4.CyberGhost is an easy-access VPN because of its user-friendly interface and optimized servers for both streaming and P2P.

5. PureVPN offers a reliable no-logs policy and international servers and has no ties with the 14-eyes alliance despite its headquarters in Hong Kong.

6. PrivateVPN is a reliable VPN for Reddit users, offering fast streaming speeds.

7. TopGuardVPN is suitable for streaming and torrenting, according to Reddit users voting for the best VPN. 

8. WindscribeVPN is voted the best free VPN by users and rated by Reddit users as the VPN with the best free version.

9. MullvadVPN is the best VPN recommended by Reddit users for privacy on the P2P platform. 

With so many VPNs on the Apple and Play stores, users are often confused about which provider to choose. We recommend you use these VPNs according to your specific needs.  

Why Should You Consider Reddit to Find the Best VPN?

Choosing the best VPN for whatever reason is not an easy task. With so many VPNs on the Apple store and Play stores, users are often muddled to make a VPN choice.

We also understand that most VPN providers’ post-paid ads spot fake comments from users recommending a particular provider. To make things easier, we’ve listed some of the best VPNs Reddit users have tried, tested, and rated accordingly.

We also tested each of the Best VPNs on Reddit to ensure that all VPN performance levels were comparable. Not all websites or partner sites that offer the best VPN service can be trusted.

It would be best to view honest Reddit user reviews. However, it’s no secret that most users are confused about what to look for in a VPN.

What Do Users Want in the Best VPNs, as Per Reddit? 

As mentioned above, posting about an excellent VPN experience is not enough. Reddit users are looking for details, features, or more in-depth reviews. See below some critical points users look for in the best VPNs as they head over to Reddit for answers.

Here’s what Reddit users look for when upvoting the best VPNs.

• Unblock Access

Access to the best streaming services, torrent platforms, apps, or websites is one of the main things a Reddit user looks for in a VPN. A VPN that Bypasses services like Netflix or accesses geo-blocked games while traveling is a plus when a VPN can do it safely. 

• Bypass ISP Throttling

Most users struggle to stream movies or download content even after getting a high-speed internet package. If this happens, it is the result of ISP throttling. Users are looking for VPNs recommended by Reddit users for speed issues like this.

• Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are essential factors. VPN security helps users protect their online privacy and prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from tracking their browsing activity. A VPN builds a secure connection between your computer and a VPN server, hiding your online activity and location.

• Affordable Price 

Undoubtedly, everyone wants a good VPN deal, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing quality for a low price. Many Reddit users have rated his VPN according to price and quality experience. We post links to sites that offer significant discounts and services.

• No Logging

Websites and apps often log user data and other sensitive information. So why choose these VPNs? Reddit users and our team of experts recommend the VPNs featured in this guide. They are all safe to use and log no user data.


In this VPN user-based review guide, we have covered all the essential points and facts about the Best VPNs on Reddit; according to our list, the above list will provide you with ease in choosing the best VPN for your need and demand. We recommend; ExpressVPN risk-free trial.  
The above VPN list is tested on different platforms, such as gaming, streaming, and unblocking; among all the choices, ExpressVPN is considered the best VPN for Hotstar or Netflix, Hulu, etc.

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