Torrentz2 Proxy List


Many torrent users have been unaware of the treasure that is Torrentz2. The site offers the same features as Kickass Torrent, The Pirate Bay, and further prime torrent sites, while not being as well-known as some of the greatest torrent sites. However, due to restrictions imposed by ISPs and law enforcement organizations, Torrentz2 is elusive in a few regions like other websites. Torrentz2 proxy sites are useful in this situation. You can use proxies in these areas to access the torrent website. Before moving on to the proxy list of Torrentz, here is a little description of the website.

Torrentz2 Overview

A successor for is torrentz2. Whether was shut down once the relevant authorities found it is still unknown. Despite the abruptness of its collapse, many customers were taken by surprise. The popularity of torrentz2 spread quickly. It is a large-scale search engine that is utilized for torrenting, not DNS. It is pretty simple to torrent. Customers may access everything on torrentz2 without having to visit other websites, saving them time and money. People can use it to screen findings and locate pertinent stuff.

Several age categories may be found, which can help consumers get rid of outdated files. It is regarded as the top website for various media torrenting. It combines the greatest quality with the best user interface. 

Legality & Safety of Torrentz2!

Technically, it is forbidden to distribute copyrighted content; yet, Torrentz2 offers a directory of such works. However, sharing copyrighted material for non-commercial purposes is not illegal according to copyright law. Thus, the website could be charged with piracy. It is therefore recommended to use a VPN when downloading content for safety reasons. Any torrent site that doesn’t follow these rules runs the danger of having its security jeopardized. 

What Caused Torrentz2 to Block?

The authorities quickly learned about Torrentz2 and halted it because it was against the law. It was inadequate to fulfill customers’ requests. Although torrentz2 didn’t maintain a database including all of the copyrighted material, it disappointed users of the website. 

What is Torrentz2 Proxy?

A proxy is essentially someone who performs tasks on your behalf when you aren’t present and usually stands in for you. Since Torrentz2 is restricted in many nations, a proxy is needed to access it. You can unblock the website with the use of the Torrentz2 proxy to gain uninterrupted access. The website runs the risk of being blocked since it contains pirated content. Because of this, Torrentz2 proxy solutions are hosted on various servers.

How Does a Torrent2 Proxy Operate?

Proxy sites act as a go-between your computer or other device and the website you’re trying to access. Your internet traffic is directed through an extra server when you connect to a proxy website before it reaches the target website. This protects your online privacy and helps mask your real IP address. By doing this, your initial IP address is never disclosed to the website you are visiting. 

What are the Methods to Unblock Torrentz2?

There are two primary methods by which people can unblock torrentz2. You can access torrentz2 in multiple ways by either using a VPN or a web proxy.

  1. Using a VPN: Virtual private networks (VPNs) obfuscate your IP address, making it impossible for anyone to read or trace Torrentz2. Real names and locations are concealed with a VPN. Your IP address is changed with another IP address using a VPN. It has many security features that guard one against malware as well as governmental inspection. Furthermore, you need not be concerned about using a VPN infecting your files or being discovered.
  2. Using Web Proxies: Web proxies, on the other hand, conceal IP addresses and remove blocks with a single site. It lacks security protections, unlike VPN which encrypts your data while you are online. This implies that there are means you could get caught and have to deal with the repercussions of the law. Furthermore, nothing you download is hidden by it but you can still access Torrentz2 with it. 

Procedure to Download from Torrentz2? 

There are now two ways to download the torrent. You might, for instance, click on the magnet link to open the torrent client app immediately and download the content there, or you may manually upload the .torrent file to your torrent client. To better help you comprehend the download procedure, below is a brief step-by-step guide:

  • Let’s say you are brand-new to the torrenting industry. In that scenario, you must set up any BitTorrent client software on your computer, such as Utorrent. Simply download, install, and configure this application on your computer as you would any other program.
  • Then, you need to visit the Torrentz2 website. You’ll see a search space; type the word of the content you’re looking for and press the search button.
  • A list of torrent files that match your search will be shown to you from different torrenting websites.
  • Click on the file you need to access. This will take you to the file summary page, wherein you can uncover details like the file’s size, magnet, and torrent download links.

There you have it, a simple four-step process for downloading limitless content from websites like Torrentz2. But what good is this if the website itself is blocked, you could be asking. As we previously explained, using this method will let you download content from Torrentz2 proxy sites. As promised, the next section of this article contains a comprehensive list of all Torrentz2 proxy sites. 

List of Proxy and Mirror Sites

Here are all of the active Torrentz2 proxy and mirror websites to unblock the Torrentz2 torrent search engine if it is not accessible to you or is blocked.


Top 8 Alternatives

These Torrentz2 alternatives given below can be used in place of the proxies indicated above if you find them to be of little use. All of them are one of the greatest torrent websites that you can use to obtain files using P2P file sharing technology.


Website: Torrent Search Engine – Veoble


Veoble, a site with a dark aesthetic, is one of the substitutes for today. Additionally, results from your preferred torrent websites are displayed using Google custom search. Comparatively speaking, the results of Torrent on this one are superior to those on other torrent meta-search engines that use Google search. Applying the filter will allow you to search for torrents directly in up to 8 distinct languages. French, Spanish, and Arabic, among other languages, are supported for torrent search. By selecting one of the leader torrent sites’ names from the top bar’s white display, the meta-search engine also enables torrent searches from those sites. When you click on one of the torrent websites, the previously searched term for that particular website will display results.

Website: Torrentz Search Engine

The well-liked movie website has a popular clone called Since Torrentz eu includes more than 26 torrent sites in its directory, you may search for torrents from all the top torrent websites on the Internet. More unaffected than most is the user interface. Various kinds of torrents, including those for TV shows, movies, and other content, can be searched for.


Website: snowfl


Snowfl comes in third place among the top alternatives to Its interface is the most simple and user-friendly of any torrent aggregator. Snowfl mostly displays torrents from Thepiratebay, YTS, 1337x, and YTS. The torrent’s name should be entered in the keyword box, then users should hit enter or use the search button. Without using any additional gimmicks, results will be displayed instantly. With the option to view more, it displays between 120 and 170 results on a single page. If a user prefers a dark display, there is a dark option that calms the eyes. The information is all presented as plain text on the screen. Users of Tor can access the .onion link that is part of the meta-torrent search engine.

The Pirate Bay

Website: The Pirate Bay proxy: Download movies, shows, music and other (

The Pirate Bay

In the event that you are unable to access Torrentz2, The Pirate Bay, also known as TPB, can be used as the finest substitute. There are several different torrent files available on TPB, which have been in the game for a while. You won’t notice much of a difference between The Pirate Bay’s and Torrentz2’s user interfaces.


Website: RARBG Rarbg Index page (


Given that it uses the same file-sharing protocol as Torrentz2, it is one of the finest options. It is the third-most visited website. Users can register on this website and upload a variety of torrent files.

Gazelle Games

Website: GazelleGames & 62+ E-Books Torrent Sites Like

Gazelle Games

It is among the top websites for game torrents. It has numerous downloads from Usenet and DDL (data description Language) streaming. Clients aren’t permitted to disclose anything to everyone in this sort of restricted group. People must observe the customary safety precautions and be aware that they are under no obligation to disclose their accounts or tracking data to anyone. Limiting the number of users who can register and utilize the website is a serious drawback.


Website: Kickass – KAT – Kickasstorrents – Site Status


Kickass Torrents, sometimes known as KAT, is another option for Torrentz2. Unquestionably, it has one of the largest fan bases of all the torrent sites. You may find torrents for a variety of media, including movies, games, TV series, and music. This should be your go-to torrent website if you can’t access Torrentz2 proxies or the Torrentz2 website isn’t working.


Website: Torrends – Torrent Search and Sites


You can download torrents using Torrends, formerly known as, as an alternative for It supports meta-search engines and all popular torrent sites for searching. In addition to searching from a group of torrent sites together, one can look for torrents from a specific torrent site. By clicking a button on the top bar of the page, users can enable the proxy. You can find many torrent categories presenting a range of genres by scrolling down the website. To present search results, it uses TorrentSeeker.

Is Using Torrentz2 Proxy Worthwhile?

If you’re the type of person who wants to work with important torrenting websites, you can be let down by the results of using the website torrentz2, which was founded ten years ago. The numerous leading brands have created new editions, and varied clones, and have entirely shut down. Torrentz2 also fits into this. The use of a torrent proxy will benefit you and make you feel less frustrated if you are the one hunting for excellent content.


We have made the effort to include every Torrentz2 proxy available online for you here. Any of the URLs given can be clicked to access and use the Torrentz2 website. However, a very popular torrent website 1337x is another reliable source to watch free movies. If the name interests you, check out this guide on 1337x: Proxy Sites and Everything Else You Should Know.

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