We all know that since the pandemic lockdown, there has been an enormous growth in the film industry, the reason being the increase in the number of audiences who are constantly waiting for some new source of entertainment. But do you know what else it led to? It led to a massive increase in the number of torrent sites too. The reason behind this is people do want to get entertained but without paying anything for it. Well, if you do have an option of getting what you want free of cost, there’s no way that you wouldn’t want that. 

All these OTT platforms like Netflix and Disney+ ask for a subscription in order to provide you with all the content but with these torrent sites like Uwatchfree, it’s the exact opposite of them. They offer you unlimited content with a wider collection and all of this without even asking for a subscription. Yes, you read that right. This is what the torrent sites like UWatchFree are used for, they provide pirated content and don’t ask for any subscription or even for signup. So, if a site is capable of so much, wouldn’t it be worth knowing more about it? Of course, it would be. So let’s get started. 

What is UWatchFree?

UWatchFree homepage 

UWatchFree is a free online platform that provides unlimited video content to its users. The website has been assisting its customers for the past 8 years. Even if you are a first-timer, you won’t be asked for any sign-up or to provide any of your details. You can simply visit the website and start looking for your desired content. 

Since the website’s launch, it has leaked innumerable Bollywood, Hollywood, South-Indian, and other categories of movies and web series. Talking about the owners of this website and their location, as per the record of WHOIS, it was found that the domain of the website is located somewhere in Pakistan. 

Not just that, UWatchFree provides amazing picture quality too. Here you can have multiple options for the formats you want to download your movie or web series in. from 320p to Blu-ray print, you’ll get everything here. 

There’s also a wide range of movies and series in other languages that are dubbed in the Hindi language, so you can enjoy all the categories of movies without facing any barriers. Plus the website is very fast and convenient to use. 

The fact about UWatchFree that we all should keep in mind is that it is an illegal website that provides pirated content. And since it leaks pirated content without the permission of the owners, it is always prone to some copyright issues, which might lead the website to be banned or blocked. Let’s know more about the legal threats related to UWatchFree. 

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Is UWatchFree a Legal Website?

There have been some queries related to the legalities of UWatchFree. Well, why wouldn’t there be? Since it’s a pirated website, it is always prone to some legal actions by the government. Copyright infringement is a punishable offense in every country. This is why in some countries, using or even surfing through any such torrent site is completely banned. 

Watching or downloading content from such websites is considered to be a punishable offense but no one has ever been arrested for using a torrent site. But you should always be fully aware because we all know that surfing through such sites makes us prone to cybercrime. And not just that, there are many hackers behind websites like UWatchFree who can easily get access to your data and enter into your system, harming and stealing your data and files. 

The main reason such websites are illegal is that they leak content without the consent of their owners. There’s a bunch of people who watch a film and if the film is leaked to the public without any cost, they won’t get paid for it. So either way, watching or downloading any sort of content from pirated sites like UWatchFree isn’t right. 

Let’s now have a look at some cool and unique features of UWatchFree that makes it different from the other websites. 

What Makes UWatchFree Different From the Other Websites?

There’s a reason behind UWatchFree being one of the most visited and loved torrent websites around the globe, let’s find out what makes it so exceptional:

  • There’s no requirement for the users to register for downloading or streaming the content on UWatchFree.
  • All the movies, web series and TV shows are provided for free on UWatchFree.
  • The websites claim to be having more than 20 million titles to download or watch online. 
  • There’s a separate search section where you can type the title of the movie or web series that you want to download and all the related results will appear.
  • You can also search for a title according to its release year. 
  • There are no ads on the website, hence, you can enjoy unlimited content without any interruptions. 
  • There’s a separate section for requesting a film where you can simply request a movie that isn’t already there and within a few days, you’ll have your favorite movie there. 
  • The website is absolutely compatible with any device and any operating system like Android or iOS.
  • It has a pretty simple and clean user interface that makes it easier for the users to navigate from one page to another. 

Now that you know what UWatchFree can offer and what are its special features, let’s have a look at some of the genres that it provides.

Movie Genres on UWatchFree 

Here’s a list of movie genres available on UWatchFree:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Biography
  • Horror comedy
  • Romance
  • History 
  • Crime
  • Dubbed movies
  • HD movies

Movies Leaked by UWatchFree 

Here’s a list of the latest movies and web series leaked by UWatchFree:

  • The Kashmir files
  • Runway:34
  • 365 days: This day
  • Heropanti 2
  • Spiderman: No way home
  • Gangu bai 
  • RRR
  • KGF: Chapter 2
  • Saunkan saunkane
  • Gullak
  • Lock-up
  • Radhe Shyam 
  • Jersey
  • Beast
  • Dune
  • Euphoria: season 1 and 2
  • Guilty Minds
  • Attack
  • Gullak 
  • Pushpa
  • Lock up

So these were the latest content leaked by UWatchFree. Since it’s an illegal website, it is always prone to be blocked or banned by the government. This is why there are multiple sites with the same domain. This is quite common amongst all the torrent sites. They create multiple sites with almost the same name as the primary one but the domain names of all of them stay the same. This is helpful when one of the sites gets banned or blocked by the government so that the users have its proxy or mirror sites to get access to it. So let’s have a look at some proxy/mirror sites of UWatchFree.

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Proxy Sites of UWatchFree

Here’s a list of some proxy/mirror sites of UWatchFree that you can use when the original site isn’t available:


After all this, there must be one thing that is bugging you, if UWatchFree provides content without any subscription or amount, how does the site earn? Here’s the answer to it. 

How Does UWatchFree Earn?

The working model of UWatchFree is quite different. When you visit the site, you will observe there are many ads from some high-earning businesses like crypto and blockchain, this is one of their primary means of earning is.

The other source of income they have is through hampering the earnings of the original movie owners. They do this by leaking the movie to the public for free, this hampers the owner’s source of income through the movie. And this is the reason that the website is banned in most countries because piracy is a punishable offense, which makes them prone to many legal threats. 

So, this was all about UWatchFree, what’s left is its alternatives. It is equally important to learn about the alternatives of websites like UWatchFree, this is because you never know about these websites, they can be banned or blocked anytime. Hence, in this case when you are unable to get to a website and can’t even find the alternatives to it, what can help you is the alternative sites to it. So let’s have a look.

Alternatives of UWatchFree 

Here are some amazing alternatives to UWatchFree:


FMovies homepage 

One of the best alternatives to UWatchFree is undoubtedly FMovies. It has a wide collection of movies and TV shows with premium picture quality. You can pick the downloading speed that matches your internet speed and video quality according to your device’s storage capacity. If you are a Bollywood fan, this is the perfect site for you. 


Bolly4u homepage 

Another one of the most visited and widely used torrent sites is Bolly4u. It has a wide range of Bollywood as well as South-Indian movies and web series. One of the best parts about the website is that it keeps on updating itself with all the latest content and features. If you are a fan of UWatchFree, then you will be definitely in love with Bolly4y, because just like UWatchFree, it has a simple and clean interface. 


 TodayPK homepage 

Another very famous and one of the most visited websites for free Bollywood and South-India content and another top-notch alternative to UWatchFree is TodayPK. One of the most common reasons that people prefer this website is that most of the episodes of all the web series here are provided in HD quality. Plus it is very easy and convenient on this website to navigate through pages. 


Extramovies homepage 

The fact that makes Extramovies another very famous and enormously used torrent website is that it has a wide variety of not just Bollywood or South-Indian movies but also Hollywood movies, web series, Gujarati, Bengali, and Punjabi movies. Well, it simply means that there’s not a single video content that you may not find on Extramovies. 


MyDownloadTube homepage 

Another impressive and amazing alternative to UWatchFree is MyDownloadTube. You will find a huge collection of Hollywood movies as well as web series here. You can also have access to Hollywood video content dubbed in Hindi or with subtitles. Not just that, the website also offers innumerable content in other Indian regional languages.


Zmovie homepage 

I’m sure that there must be some of you who would always like to avoid any sort of illegal or inappropriate methods to stream Bollywood or Hollywood content. This is why Zmovie is said to be one of the best sources for getting your desired content for free. Plus the site has a wide range of movies, web series, docuseries, TV shows, and short films. So you can get anything you want within just a few clicks. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about UWatchFree:

Ans: UWatchFree provides a large variety of web series and movies of multiple genres and all this content is provided for free, without any subscription or even signup. So yes, you can get access to a web series on UWatchFree for free.

Ans: The biggest disadvantage of steaming any content through UWatchFree is due to the site being an illegal site. So being an illegal website, it leaks pirated content and if you are unaware of this, piracy is a punishable offense in any country or region. Hence, one of the major disadvantages of using this website is being a part of a crime which is piracy.
Another disadvantage of using this website is that there are many hackers hiding behind each and every page of the website who can get access to your data wherever you visit UWatchFree. And this way you are making your personal data and even your system that you are using vulnerable to getting hacked or having the data stolen.

Ans:UWatchFree is a very famous website since it provides the latest content for free of cost. In fact, it even leaks some content before it is released by its owners.

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