There are many of us who wish that we don’t have to pay a penny and get to watch everything we wish! And so, there are some ways for that to happen. But, it is not like because it is free, it won’t have any disadvantages. There are a lot of websites that offer free movies and shows to viewers. However, these sites are illegal piracy websites.

Filmyzilla Home Page

So today, we are going to discuss in brief what FilmyZilla is and what we can do with it like- downloading movies from Hollywood or Bollywood, and how we can do so step-by-step. 

What is FilmyZilla?

FilmyZilla is a pirated website for movies, where people can watch and download movies, shows, and series for free. Even though there are many ways to watch series and movies, this one comes out of the box since it’s free! 😉

And who doesn’t like things for free? So now we are going to describe what FilmyZilla is and what exactly it does. Stay tuned and keep reading to understand how you can download your favorite or latest movies and shows for free.

About FilmyZilla App 2022

There are many illegal pirated sites for movies just like FilmyZilla that have launched their own apps as around 80% of the audience are mobile users. Though not currently, the app was available on Play Store and also to be downloaded as APK via third-party sources. But was later blocked due to its act of piracy and breaching of the copyright act.

App NameFilmyZilla APK
File Size7.7 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.4 and later
Last Updated March 30, 2022
LicenseFree Lifetime 

Features of FilmyZilla

  • Movies with subtitles and dubbing are available.
  • Downloading movies for offline viewing.
  • You can stream movies or series online.
  • The options for adding favorites and watchlists are also available.
  • It also provides options to personalize the home screen and offer recommendations to the curator.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FilmyZilla

When it comes to websites like FilmyZilla, there are some good advantages to them. Let’s see what are those below:

  • Fast in Operation.
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Dual movies and movies with subtitles are available. 
  • Clear quality ranging from 360p to 1080p is provided.
  • Provides the latest movies free of cost.
  • Easily available and accessible website.

Now that we know some advantages of FilmyZilla, let’s see the disadvantages. Just because it is free, it doesn’t mean it won’t have any cons.

  • Most of the time, due to subsequent changes to the links the website is down.
  • Unidentified files get installed on devices.
  • Downloaded files may carry bugs and viruses.
  • Unwanted ads pop up.
  • Random apps get installed on the devices. 
  • There is no support or guarantee for the movie or series file that was promised.

How to Download Content from FilmyZilla?

To download movies or series from FilmyZilla, we have concluded some easy steps below:

  • Go to the FilmyZilla website and sign in.
  • After you have logged in, click on the section that you want to use. For example, Bollywood, Marvel Movies, Hollywood, etc.
  • Then on the left side of the page, you will see a tab of categories. Select the category you want to watch and the list of those will appear which are available to download.
  • Now, choose the movie or series that you want to watch.
  • On the next page, you can pick whether you want subtitles or not.
  • After that, choose the download option if you want to download the movie, and it will get started in 2-3 seconds automatically.
Note: If you don’t want to download the movie and simply want to stream it online, then you can just click on watch and watch your movie without a hassle.

Movies Categories on FilmyZilla

There are all sorts of varieties and categories of movies and series that FilmyZilla has to offer to its viewers. We have listed some leaked ones as of recently below:

  • KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie in Hindi 
  • The Batman Movie Download in Hindi 
  • The Kashmir Files Full Movie Download
  • Wonder Woman 1984 Full Movie in Hindi
  • Tom and Jerry Tamil Dubbed Movie Download
  • Bachchan Pandey Movie Download
  • Pushpa Full Movie in Hindi 480p
  • The Matrix Resurrections Movie Download 
  • No Time to Die Full Movie Download
  • Zack Synder’s Justice League Full Movie Download 

There are many latest movies that continue to be released on FilmyZilla in different prints and quality. There are subbed and dubbed movies as well with their types described.

FilmyZilla New Links 2022

Because of the fear of not getting caught by CyberSecurity for the crime of piracy, FilmyZilla keeps changing its domain name time and time again. We have listed below some websites that are currently functioning and available for users to view and download movies or shows from:

Now, let’s see the size, quality, and format that FilmyZilla has to offer to its users and viewers.

Size, Quality, and Formats of Movies on FilmyZilla

Apart from free subbed and dubbed movies and series, FilmyZilla has a lot more to offer. There are different sizes of movies as per the user’s demand and types of quality ranging from 360p to 4 GB. There are also different types of formats. Below are the specifications of the three factors.

360p300 MBMP4 (Encoding Format)
480p400 MBMKV (Encoding Format)
720p700 MBAVI (Encoding Format)
1080p1 GBMPEG (Encoding Format)
Blue Ray1.5 GB
Full HD2 GB
HD2.5 GB
3 GB
4 GB

Similar Websites as FilmyZilla

It is not just FilmyZilla, but there are many more similar websites for piracy of movies and shows that are running on the internet today and making a good amount of money. It is as though the market of piracy is on a rampage and everyone just seems to watch anything possible for free. The following is the list of alternative websites for FilmyZilla:


These were some illegal alternatives for FilmyZilla. However, if you wish to watch movies or series legally then you can move on to our next paragraph to see legal alternatives which won’t land you in trouble.

Legal Alternatives for FilmyZilla

Even though piracy of any sort is illegal, some digital platforms are given permission to show movies. The list is as given below:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • ZEE 5
  • Hotstar
  • Sony Liv
  • HBO 
  • Hulu

Since there is a loss of billions that the entertainment industry has to face every year due to piracy of movies and series, the government has decided to take some strict steps apart from the copyright act. Let’s see what are the consequences of the crime of piracy in our next paragraph.

Concrete Steps Taken by Government for Piracy

In order to stop the negative effects of piracy on the film industry, the government has taken initiatives as follows:

  • Banning sites like FilmyZilla that promotes piracy.
  • Approved Cinematograph Act in 2019.

The Act state that whosoever would be found recording a film without the filmmaker’s permission will be subjected to the following consequences:

  • Jail term up to 3 years.
  • Pay a fine of up to 10 lacs.
  • Both imprisonment up to 3 years and a fine of 10 lacs.

Anyone and everyone that is involved in recording and sharing or uploading and downloading content from such sites is eligible for the Act and will have to face the above-mentioned consequences.

Hence, if you are also a part of any such activity, then you can also land in jail or have to pay the amount of 10 lacs as per the seriousness of the act.


1. Is FilmyZilla a free website?

Yes, FilmyZilla is truly a free website for movies and series. But, it is an illegal piracy website that shouldn’t be used if you don’t want to face harsh consequences as piracy is a crime.

2. Can I use FilmyZilla safely?

The first and foremost thing is to try not to use any such website since they are not safe. There are many ads and links on websites that contain malware and may infect your device.

Also, piracy is illegal and anyone involved in it will have to bear the punishment that comes with it.

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