Throughout the time, live TV streaming has gained a rapid pace and its popularity has increased immensely day by day and there is no doubt behind it.

One of the biggest reasons why it is in vogue is because it is handy, easily accessible, and provides a wide range of channels along with a decent range of popular as well as movies and TV shows.

So, if you are also fond of watching movies, music, news, entertainment, and sports on your device, then this article will be worth your time.

As in this article, we have listed the names of the best and most reliable live tv streaming sites which will help you in streaming your desired content free of cost and in high quality.

So, without making you more impatient, let’s get straight to the best live TV streaming websites.

List of Best Live TV Streaming Websites

These are the best live TV streaming websites through which you can access numerous channels along with a decent collection of movies and TV shows for free and that too in high quality. We have constructed this list of the best live TV streaming sites after performing in-depth research.

So, let’s get started!


Dazn is first on our list of best free live streaming sites because one of the major attributes that Dazn upholds is that it is absolutely legal and partially free to use which simply means that you are performing any sort of infringement.

Not only this, but it also offers the facility of live streaming channels in HD quality that are accessible from any device.

We believe looking at its pros and cons will excite you more and let you know more about Dazn.


  • Dazn is completely legal and free to use.
  • It has the rights and access to all the major events.
  • It offers its users the facility to stream and watch live Channels in HD quality.
  • Dazn supports the access of multiple devices such as TVs, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, and many others.
  • You can access Dazn services completely free for 30 days straight which you can cancel anytime you wish to.
  • You will be able to watch and enjoy popular sports events such as UEFA, FIFA, La Liga, and other prominent sporting events.


  • Requires fast and stable internet connection to experience HD quality content.
  • Not absolutely free.

2. Peacock TV

Don’t want to share your payment-related information and want to enjoy popular classic shows with your family and friends for free?

Then, preferring Peacock TV is a worthy option as it along with popular classic shows, also enables users to experience samples of exclusive originals.

If you are eager to know more about Peacock TV, for you we have sorted its pros and cons separately so you get a better idea of this free live streaming site.


  • Stream and watch live TV channels without giving out payment details.
  • Peacock TV provides 13000 plus hours of free and Ad-supported Content.
  • Easy access to popular classic shows.
  • Handy and snappy user interface.
  • The facility of Sample exclusive originals.


  • The latest episodes can be accessible after one week from the airing.
  • You have to perform Sign-in to access Peacock TV services. 

3. USTV Go

If you are scanning the web and searching for a live streaming channel platform with a simple and smooth interface, then USTV would prove a reliable option for you.

As it offers a decent collection of classic movies and shows with access to over 80 plus live channels with no ads and popups.


  • USTV Go provides access to over 80 plus live channels.
  • Simple and easily accessible video player.
  • Watch your desired content with no redirects or popups.
  • It offers a decent collection of classic movies and TV shows.
  • USTV Go delivers a smooth interface and easy navigation.


  • You will require a VPN extension in order to access and stream.
  • Out-of-trend user interface.
  • Stutter while selecting the quality of the content.

4. Stream2Watch

You must have heard about stream2watch from your friends or office colleagues as it comes among the best sites for live TV streaming.

One of the biggest reasons why Sports lovers are hooked on Stream2watch is because it doesn’t ask for any sort of sign-up or subscription.

It also offers multiple links of single-stream if a few links don’t work.

But one of the things that most stream2watch users are not happy with is frequent ads that spoil the mood.


  • With Stream2Watch, you will be able to stream and watch live TV channels from the UK, US, Canada, Italy, Russia, Spain, and more European Countries.
  • It also offers the option to switch to sports streaming channels with a mere one click.
  • It delivers several links to single-stream on its platform.
  • Stream2watch doesn’t require any sign-up or subscription in exchange for the content it offers.


  • Stream2watch hosts live channels from unauthorised sources due to which several streams can’t be accessible.
  • You may feel frustrated because of frequent advertisements.

5. SlingTV 

Your quest of searching for free live TV streaming sites with no sign-up has come to an end as we have brought Sling TV for you.

Sling TV is considered one of the decent live TV streaming platforms that provides a good range of live TV channels, with ease of customization, and most importantly that it doesn’t ask for sign-up or a registration in exchange for its services.


  • Sling TV delivers a wide range of live TV channels to its users.
  • It offers the facility of ease of customization.
  • It also launched an Ad-supported free version through which you can binge your desired channel without an account.
  • Sling TV stated that it offers access to over 5000 free movies and TV shows.
  • It doesn’t require any sort of sign-up or registration.
  • Can be accessed from various devices such as Android, Chrome, Roku, Edge, Safari, Fire TV and Android TV, etc.
  • It also offers packages named Orange and Blue (consisting of channels according to the pricing.)


  •  Currently, it is only accessible from the USA, so you may need the assistance of a VPN.
  • Have to pay for either the Orange package or Blue Package in order to get access to Sling TV content.
  • Less content to sort.
  • Sling TV currently is not through iOS or Apple TV

6. YoutubeTV

You can also prefer Youtube TV for streaming over 80 live TV channels which are broadcasted in the US straight to your phone or pc. For your information, we would like to add that Youtube TV offers a paid service and is only available for US users.

You must go through its attributes to get well acquitted with Youtube TV.


  • Youtube TV consists of ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC, and other networks.
  • It offers Cloud DVR services without the requirement of a DVR storage limit.
  • Youtube TV offers access to more than 80 channels in the US that can be directly streamed on a phone or PC without any cable.
  • You can get a taste of various live TV channels from sports, entertainment, new to kids, and much more. For instance:- CBS RSN channels, ESPN network, BBC America, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, BBC News, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and many others.


  • Youtube TV offers paid service, so you have to pay for a subscription if you want access to Youtube TV content.
  • Youtube TV is only available in the US which makes it harder for the users to access, however, you can access it with the assistance of a VPN.

7. DirectTV Now

Watch and stream over 150 plus live TV channels such as entertainment, sports, news, and more with DirectTV Now. You can get your hands on a vast collection of movies and TV shows with these live TV streaming sites.

However, many users have claimed that they have experienced bugs and lags accessing DirecTV now. Also, DirecTV now is a paid service platform.


  • You can access and stream over 150 plus live TV channels from music, sports, and news to entertainment.
  • From DirectTV Now, you can also watch dozens of movies and TV shows.


  • Many users have stated that they had experienced bugs and lags while accessing DirectTV Now.
  • You have to own a paid subscription to stream and watch content on DirectTV Now.

8. Yupp TV

Fond of tons of movies and TV shows? Then you must acquaint yourself with YuppTV. Yupp TV is also a worthy contender in the list of best live TV streaming sites that enable users from certain countries to access its services. But you can also access its services by enabling a VPN if YuppTV is not available in your region.

Along with it, it also offers a free trial of 7 days to the users.


  • Yupp TV can easily be accessed from various countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Middle East, Canada, Singapore, etc.
  • You can watch tons of movies, shows, and live TV channels.
  • You will be able to stream and watch dozens of national and regional channels such as Star Plus, Colors TV, Gemini TV, Zee Telugu, Sun TV, Raj TV, PTC Punjab, Zee Marathi, 9X jhakaas, Star Jalsha, Zee Bengali, etc.
  • Yupp TV offers its users a free trial of 7 days.


  • It only provides a free trial of 7 days after which you have to pay for the monthly subscription.
  • Only available and can be accessed from certain countries such as the UK, Singapore, Middle East, Canada, Australia, USA, and Malaysia.

So, you have to connect to a VPN to access Yupp TV services.

9. Pluto TV

Pluto TV commenced its services in 2013 and was later on bought by Viacom in 2019.

Pluto TV is known for delivering access to 200 plus live channels with attractive and appealing options such as on-demand movies.

The content on Pluto TV is well categorized into 13 channel tiers such as Movies, comedy, entertainment, tech, etc.

It also makes it easier and more convenient for the users to access Pluto TV with the assistance of a dedicated Pluto TV app available for all devices.


  • You can watch more than 200 plus live TV channels.
  • Neat and categorized user-friendly interface.
  • The facility of On-demand free movies.
  • Smoothly accessed from all devices.
  • Focused on popular shows and movies.


  • You will find mostly retro content.
  • Pluto TV lacks DVR features for live TV.
  • You will experience Lengthy Video Ads.
  • It has fewer live TV channels.
  • You have to face Geo-Restrictions.

10. Now TV

Have a Console or Smart TV and wish to stream live TV channels from it?

Then, we would like to recommend Now TV to you.

As now TV provides its users simple and smooth access to live sports programming with the convenience of a free trial of 14 days to its users. We would also like to recommend you set up a VPN if Now TV is not accessible in your region.


  • Now TV offers a free trial of 14 days for its new users.
  • There is no hassle with contracts.
  • Easy and smooth access to live sports programming.
  • Now TV supports over 60-plus platforms including consoles and smart TV.


  • Now TV is a paid service, so you have to pay for the services that you consume on Now TV.
  • Now TV is only available in the UK, Ireland, and Italy. So, you will have to set up a VPN in order to get access to Now TV.

11. Hulu

It might not be wrong to say that Hulu is a fusion of Sling TV and Netflix as it offers the facility of both live TV as well as TV shows.

With Hulu, you can enjoy over 150 movies and TV shows in HD quality.

If we look at its history, it started its journey of live TV in 2017, before that Hulu was only known for hosting new and old movies as well as TV shows.


  • You can watch over 150 movies and TV shows.
  • You will be able to stream HD content and enjoy your desired content.
  • Hulu offers access to dedicated mobile apps to its users.


  • To watch and stream premium content on Hulu, you need to own a subscription.
  • You will experience video ads while streaming and watching.

12. Time4TV

If you are a sports lover and exploring the internet looking for a platform through which you can smoothly access and enjoy your desired sports events, then consider this as your lucky day as we found a notable live TV streaming site for you.

And the Name is Time4TV.

Check out its traits and cons to know more about this live TV streaming site.


  • Time4TV enables its users to stream and watch TV channels from across the world such as UK channels, US channels, sports, news as well as Hindi channels.
  • It allows its users to stream channels for free.
  • The site is the elixir for sports enthusiasts.
  • With Time4TV, you can watch over 60 plus sports streaming channels listing ky Network, BT Sports, Sony Network, Star Network, Fox Network, ESPN, MU TV, NFL Network, MLB Network, WWE Network, NBA TV, and more.
  • Here at Time4TV, each channel consists of multiple links.


  • Have to face Possesses Annoying and aggressive intrusive and pop-up ads to watch and stream.
  • You might need a VPN if the site is not working in your region.

13. Squid TV

Squid TV is a global streaming website that looks out and collects all the available streams across the globe and sorts them according to genre, country, and language.

In simple terms, it simplifies your search for live TV as well. It would be worth quoting that most of the streams are open and legally available.


  • Squid TV is a global streaming website.
  • It offers all the available streams across the globe sorted according to country, language, and genre.
  • Most of the streams are open and available.
  • Can access any channel across the globe, if it is available on Squid TV.
  • With the assistance of a simple guide, you can effortlessly search for your desired channel.
  • You can easily stream the content from a regional website or device player.


  • Some of the available streams may not work.

14. Disney+Hotstar

The best live TV streaming giant is itself here!

Yes, Disney plus Hotstar is considered to be the giant of streaming platforms because of its mammoth collection of Indian content such as Indian dreams, Soap operas, movies, and TV shows. But it doesn’t make it perfect, it, too, has cons that we can’t neglect.

First, we look at its pros, then we will head to its cons.


  • Disney plus Hotstar offers a humongous number of free-to-watch live TV channels.
  • Content is well-categorized.
  • Disney plus Hotstar delivers a neat user interface.
  • Soon to be released for iOS and Apple TV.


  • Disney+Hotstar is only available and accessible in India, however, you can access the latest episodes the next day after the broadcast.
  • Currently can not be accessed through iOS and Apple TV.

15. Free TV

Meet Free TV! One of the best as well as “reliable” free live TV streaming sites.

You must be wondering why we have highlighted the word reliable, it is because Free TV is a legal source which simply means the services Free TV offers to its users are completely safe and secure.

It also possesses several traits and weaknesses which you can check out below.


  • Free TV is a  legal source.
  • Can access FTA channels from across the globe.
  • You can stream your favourite live streaming channels from the categorised genres.
  • Free TV is simple and smooth to navigate.
  • Free TV allows fewer ads on its website.


  • It doesn’t provide any premium channels.
  • Hard to access as links might be unavailable or not accessible.

16. MX Player

We believe MX Player doesn’t require any introduction, as it is one of the biggest and very well-known live streaming platforms that offer quality content and enables users to watch TV streaming live for free.

It would be interesting to check out its strengths and flaws Right?

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!


  • Mx player offers a clean and clear interface to its users.
  • It delivers a decent collection of Bollywood and regional movies.
  • In Addition to the above, it also delivers original web series.
  • You can access over 180 plus live TV channels and more.


  • It Supports only FTA Channels
  • To access MX Player outside India, you will require a VPN or Proxy.

17. Ustream

The discussion of the best live TV streaming service provider can not be done without citing Ustream.

Ustream is quite popular among users as it enables users to stream and watch over 200+ premium channels that too of decent quality.

But, the twist is that you have to endure clicks ads, and Pop-ups that may spoil your mood.


  • From Ustream, you will be able to stream and enjoy over 200 plus premium channels from sports, news, movies, music, entertainment, and much more.
  • It supports clicks ads and Popups that you can disable with the support of Ad-blocker.
  • With Ustream, you will be able to enjoy your desired content in decent quality with your family and friends.
  • It offers many channels including ESPN USA, Sky Sports, TSN, NBA TV, NFL Network, Disney Jr, Eurosports, BT Sport,  MU TV along with various other sports channels as well as general entertainment channels and much more.


  • You have to foresee Pop ads and click ads in order to stream and watch your favorite channel.
  • To access Ustream, you might need to set up a VPN.
  • Can’t be accessible occasionally with an Adblocker, disabling it resolves the issue.

18. OK live TV

Are you wandering on the internet in search of free live TV streaming sites? No sign-up, then we would like to introduce OK live TV.

OK live TV has also made it to the list of best live TV streaming sites because of its decent collection of premium channels as well as the option to stream channels without any subscription.

Apart from this, it has some flaws too that are worth glancing at.


  • Just with one click, you will be able to stream and watch any live streaming channel without any subscription.
  • Ok, live TV offers a very simple video player, however, it lacks a high buffer time.
  • It delivers its users access to many premium channels for free.
  • It offers a decent collection of live TV channels on its platform.


  • OK, the live TV video player is simple but has a very low buffer time.
  • Some of the links available on the OK live TV don’t work, although most of them work fine.
  • OK live TV is not a legit or say legal live TV channel streaming platform.

19. TV Player

If you are looking for the best free live TV streaming sites that allows you to stream and watch 80 live channels from which 60 plus channels are completely free to access with appealing features such as live recording, then meet TV Player.

Now, let’s check out what is hidden in the box titled TV Player.


  • You can watch and enjoy all the best UK channels for free anytime.
  • TV players offer 80 live streaming channels on its platform from which you can stream and watch 60 plus channels for free or say without paying.
  • It possesses live and Catch Up TV.
  • TV player offers its users the facility of recording favourite programs so that you will be able to watch them anytime and anywhere you wish to.
  • You can access up to 5 devices at one time with the TV player plus a subscription.


  • You have to pay for the premium version in order to get access to most of the demanded channels and content.
  •  TV player services are currently only for the UK market, however, TV Player’s team is working to expand their accessibility to the US, Canada, and other European countries.

20. Roku Channel

The last in our list but not the least, Roku is also one of the best live streaming service providers that offer its users to stream and watch live TV  premium channels for free.

Roku channel functions are akin to the other live streaming websites which we have listed above. So what makes Roku different from others and makes it fit in the list of free live TV streaming sites

Let’s find out by analyzing the pros and cons of the Roku Channel.


  • One of the best and most intuitive user interfaces.
  • It offers tremendous customizable options on its platform.
  • Roku channels are smoothly accessible through Android, iOS, and the web.
  • Roku channel streaming services can easily be accessible from the US, Canada, UK, Latin America, and France.
  • The Roku channel allows viewers to access the first episode of the big and popular shows.


  • It cannot directly be accessible through Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast there is an edge-to-edge competition.
  • It doesn’t provide support for non-Roku streaming devices.
  • The free content is not worth enough.

So, that’s it! These are the best and most reliable live TV streaming websites that will enable you to watch and stream various live TV channels of different genres at free of cost and in decent quality.

Not only this you can also experience a massive collection of popular & classic movies and latest TV shows too.

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