Alternatives to Gnash

Gnash by GNU is yet another software that enables the use of Flash files. It was one of the best alternatives to Adobe Flash Player that successfully enabled the use of SWF files and animations that were earlier supported by Adobe Flash Player.

Gnash Info, Screenshot and Reviews

Gnash is a popular alternative to Adobe Flash Player for accessing SWF files that were previously supported by Flash Player. It can be used as a standalone software by downloading in the system and is supported by various majorly used operating systems like Windows, Solaris, etc. Moreover, Gnash also has a browser plugin software, which when added to the browser enables users to view and use the Flash content available on the internet on different platforms. 

It is open-source software that is freely available to download by end-users. It was initially a part of the GNU Project and was developed from gameswf project.

Additionally, the software is not regularly updated for windows and therefore, has an older version that may not support many SWF files versions.

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Comments and Reviews:

  1. Gnash takes up most of the running time of the CPU and does nothing.
  2. It fails to play Flash videos on renowned websites like YouTube.
  3. It is not at all useful, as it never plays the Flash videos, games and other content.
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