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“Most people presume that sports are a matter of life and death, but I assure you that it has much more to it.”

Quotes like these justify why the love of the game isn’t limited to national borders all over the world. There aren’t many things in the world that can unite a crowd as sports do.

If you are a diehard fan but lack the money to travel around the world for your favorite team, the website cricfree tv may sound like home to you.

Cricfree is regarded as one of the best if not the best sports streaming platforms in the modern-day world.

The site has every major sport on it and offers a wide range of links for the users to choose from. But even though there are so many things to see and so many things on the platform l, it may not be available in every part of the world.

In case you are looking out for the alternatives to the platform, you’re in luck today since this write-up is all about the platform of Cricfree’s best alternatives for the users who can’t afford to miss the action no matter where they are.

Let us get started.

Top Alternatives of Cricfree

Although the platform comes off as the perfect place for sports fans, it may be inaccessible to some users as the website may be banned in their region for security reasons.

Here are some commonly accessed alternatives of this site in case you are unable to make use of the premium OG.


the homepage of scoresinlive

Sporting fans, behold your paradise. If you need a sneak peek into what is going on in the game, and other stuff, ScoresInLive should be your go-to platform. 

The only sad part about the platform is that it can take a while to actually stream the sporting event. So make sure to have a backup plan unless you do not want your back against the wall. Apart from this, the user interface is pretty clean and the website gets updated on a regular basis to ensure that users can keep up with the latest scores and highlights. What makes it even more impressive is the option of a wide number of filters that make it easier for users to keep tabs on the sporting event of their choice without breaking a sweat. 

What if the platform is not online anymore? What if it is banned in my region? In such cases, move to the next alternative or the next one until you find the perfect match for the sporting fan in you.

homepage of the website

Another one for the footballing fans from all over the globe. This platform has made waves on the internet ever since it first came online. Everything related to football, be it clips, highlights, news, videos, along with tons of other features that can help you to carry forward your footballing frenzy ideas. 

Give this picture-perfect platform a go if you are ever traveling and do not want to miss out on all the action. 

In case you are finding it difficult to select the sport of your choice, make good use of the search bar feature for this platform to get going.


homepage of the website vipbox

One of the most complete websites available on the internet. Not only does it offer the basic services, but also offers sporting activities online. In terms of the user interface, no other website even comes close and on top of that, there are tons of different sporting events that can be streamed with ease here. 

Globally followed sports such as Football, Basketball, Hockey, UFC, WWE, and Table Tennis are among some of the many sporting events that a user can stream on this platform, making it the perfect alternative.


homepage of the website

Another brilliant streaming website that comes with a pretty compatible user interface, reminding users of the OG platform of cric free tv. The website offers users the option of choosing the sports of their choice and once the user does the same, all of the streaming choices that are available for those sporting events pop up on the screen with all the quality links, so to ensure that users can stream the matchup of their choice without having to leave the platform.

In a nutshell, it comes as a pretty great alternative to cric tv and can help you satisfy the sports fanatic in you. 


A website that offers premium quality streams. Where have we seen that before? Users get the option of accessing mirror links for their favorite sporting events ensuring that they don’t have to spend a single penny for entertainment.

It even offers the option of premium quality streaming but for that to happen, you will need suitable broadband as well otherwise you can kiss goodbye your dreams of streaming in high definition.


homepage of strikeout website

If one has to be honest about it, this platform has one of the best user interfaces in the world of streaming sites.

The classification on the website itself is pretty neat and allows users to stream the content of their choice in HD without any interruptions.

It is pretty obvious that a good website offers mirror links for streaming and this one is no different either.

With an interactive and efficient user interface, combined with superior quality links, the platform is one of the best options for sports fans all around the world.


homepage of the website

Football fan? Are you screaming siiuuuuu after scoring a goal every time you play? This is the perfect place for you to be. This is all about the most lethal poacher in the history of the game. The platform offers access to all streams where Cristiano Ronaldo is playing. 

Not only that, but you can also get access to new videos, clips, and insights into Ronaldo and his life by following this platform closely. In a nutshell, if CR7 is what made you fall in love with the beautiful game, this is the perfect website for you. 


homepage of the website from hot

FromHot is as good of a website as they get. The website is stacked with data and offers real-time streaming of different sporting activities from all parts of the globe. One can find all of the upcoming events on the homepage of this platform, making it easier to create reminders for when your favorite team is in action. 

In case you specifically want to keep tabs on a team or a sport, you will need to select the same from the list of the classification tab. One can say that this is by far one of the most complete alternatives to cric tv.


official homepage of the platform

One of the oldest players in the game, the first row has been offering its streaming services since the initial streaming days. 

Being one of the OGs of the game, the platform has everything that a user can ever need for a complete streaming experience online.


homepage of the website stop stream

The name might be a bit misleading for the users at first, but in reality, the site is quite intriguing, to say the least.

Apart from being a great pick to stream sporting events, it also comes off as a platform where one can find tons of different servers to choose from.

Simply select the sports that you prefer watching from the list available on the home page and get started today.


homepage of the website boss cart

Tired of searching the internet for streaming platforms that offer premium quality? The search stops right here. The website of BOSSCAST offers streaming services in HD video quality. On top of that, the site is completely free to use. Impressive, right? 

The developers of the website have no intentions of earning your money, so you can add some snacks to your sporting time. Plenty of different links are available on the platform, so the user can access the sporting event of their choice without having to search the internet. 


homepage of the website streamwoop

Another website where the title says it all. This website has it all. From complimentary live streams to replays of your favorite sporting activities from different parts of the globe. It is best suited for people who often discuss sports on different portals and platforms, so they can add it as a widget to catch up on the latest action from the world of sports and entertainment.


homepage of the website batmanstream

In case you are looking for everything in one place, this website and you are a match made in heaven. It has all the updates on every sporting event that is going to take place across the globe, be it today or tomorrow.

If you want to follow a single tournament, worry not as you can do that as well by making good use of the group section available on the homepage. Some even say that it is a perfect alternative to cric free tv for those who are unable to access the OG platform. Maybe the site can be your dark knight.


homepage of the website stream2watch

Who does not know about this streaming giant? People have been following this platform ever since it came online, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that there are no other platforms like this. 

Being one of the oldest platforms to ever offer the option of streaming. In case you consider yourself a true sporting nerd, do not miss out on the opportunity to make use of this website. The platform notifies you about all the major sporting events in real-time, ensuring that you do not miss out on a single minute of adrenaline and action. It may be restricted in some regions due to security concerns, but all things said and done, it is the most compatible alternative that one can ever come across. 


homepage of the website streamhunt

The name speaks for itself. The platform has everything that a streaming service should have, although it generally focuses on streaming sporting events, unlike some of the websites that are featured on this list. 

The best part about this platform is that you can stream from anywhere. All you need is a strong internet connection and a device to access the website, be it your computer system in the office or your mobile or tablet device when you are on the go, to never miss out on the action again.  


Similar to plenty of platforms available on this feature list, Sportlemon offers a pretty exclusive user interface along with a plethora of content to ensure that the user feels right at home. 

This website was developed with the purpose of coming up with an alternative in case things went sideways with major streaming services.

With the use of the platform, users can get their hands on all the links to major sporting events, be it baseball, basketball, hockey, badminton, or tennis.

What makes it stand out is the explore feature that allows users to know about new sports and events that they never knew existed before.


homepage of the website streamsports

Probably the easiest to use out of all the platforms that we have talked about. One simply needs a stable internet connection and a device to enjoy the sports of their choice in High Definition.

Access the homepage and make use of the menu available to get all the relevant details for the streams of global and local events to stream the sport that you have been waiting for all this time.


fubo tv platform

As we move down closer to the end of the line, there are plenty of streaming platforms that offer their services at a reasonable rate. FuboTV is one of them and the reason why it has been featured on the list is that it has everything that a user can even imagine.

Brilliant live streaming experience combined with a great user interface and tons of filters and features for exploring the platform, what more can a user want?


homepage of the website p2p

A childhood hero for many people. The platform brings back a lot of good memories, being one of the oldest websites in the streaming scenario.

The data that this website possesses is unmatched. The links available are accessible from anywhere around the globe. 

Safe to say that it is a delight for the sore sporting eyes. Go ahead and select the sports that you look for everywhere to get started with this renowned platform.


homepage of the platform goatd

Generally known as the most effective site on the internet in terms of streaming and real-time action.

There are no ads or interruptions on here whatsoever. As soon as the user has chosen the preferred class of sports, just sit back and relax as your favorite teams battle it out on the grandest stage of them all.

That is all there is to know about the website of cric tv and some top alternatives to cricfree that can be used to access similar services without having to worry about the streaming issues. 

Until next time. 

Keep dreaming, keep streaming!

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