FISD Canvas

About FISD

FISD stands for Frisco Independent School District. This school district was formed by combining the land portion of the following cities named Frisco, Prosper, Little Elm, Plano, and McKinney in 1876 as known as the Farmers School District. In 1903, the Farmer school district was renamed Frisco Independent School District. In 1995, this district had only 4 schools but by 2022 now the Frisco independent school district has about 70 schools (including 11 high schools, 17 middle schools, and 43 elementary schools) and 3 special program centers.

Currently, there are 6500+ students,  4500+teachers, and 8000+ staff enrolled.

About Canvas

Canvas is the Frisco students’ and faculty members’ login portal to join the online classroom. The instructure, INC, develops this FISD portal. This portal is designed in a way to make students, as well as teaching activities smoothly. By using this portal, students don’t have to put extra effort while managing the online classes and they also don’t need to assess different places for the lessons and course materials. Teachers do not need to use different applications to arrange classes and also share the notes and presentations over the server by uploading that into the cloud.

Features Available for Parents on The Canva Are as follows:

• Parents can Set Notifications regarding a child’s assignment.

• Parents can also check the Dashboard

• Parents can easily view the Course Syllabus

• Parents can view the ongoing class activities and discussions but can’t take part in them.

• Parents can View the topic name, and date of submission but can take part in  solving or submitting the Assignments

• Parents can download the reading material, calendar, grades as well as the modules page from the canvas.

• Parents can easily communicate with respective teachers about wards performance.

How to Register Yourself on Canvas?

If you want to join a course on FISD Canva then you have to first register yourself with a Canvas account. Follow these steps 

  1. Open the browser and search the link- 
  2. Click on the “Need an Account” option to create a new account.
  1. Select whether I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher option.
Signup Canvas
  1. If you sign up as a student, you have to fill in this information to register yourself.
  1. In case, you are a Teacher you have to fill in the required information and click the Submit button to register yourself with FISD Canvas. 
Create Your Account(Teachers)

FISD Canvas Login Process

The login process of FISD Canva is as follows:

  1. Open your browser and use the link to open the FISD login page.
  1. Enter all the required details including Username and Password then click on the login button.
Login Details

How to Reset Your Password

Now it’s time to join the class and you have forgotten your login password. How you will reset your password to join the class immediately? Don’t worry, we will guide you to reset your FISD Canva password.

  1. Open your browser and use the link to open the FISD login page.
  2. Click on Forgot Password option to reset your password.
Forgot Password
  1. You will redirect to a new page, type your user name there and click on the Request Password button.
Request Password
  1. Now you will receive an email regarding resetting your password. Click on the link and set a new login password for you. 

How to Create an Account For Parents

FISD Canva provides an excellent feature giving a parent signup option on the login dashboard for parents. If you are a parent and your child has enrolled in FISD then follow these steps to signup yourself now.

  1. Open your browser and use the link to open the FISD login page.
  1. Click on the parent Signup option.
Click Here For an Account
  1. A new page will open. Fill in all the required details to create your account successfully and click on the Start Participating button.
Start Participating

Note- Pairing codes are six-digit codes that are used to link students to observers in Canvas. Pairing codes are alphanumeric and case-sensitive.

FISD Login Support Details

Suppose you want to log in with your credentials but the webpage is showing an error or try again. What you will do to resolve this issue by your side. Don’t have any idea, we will help you to connect yourself with the FISD customer support service to resolve your problems. Various options were provided by FISD to connect FISD customer support. 

Here are the FISD Contact details: 

  • Official website – 
  • Email id:  
  • Contact Number: 469 – 633 – 6227
  • Link-
FISD Tech Support 

FISD Canvas Official App

The FISD Canvas application is officially available on Google Play Store and Apple store for both androids and IOS devices. 

When you will search on the Google Play store about FISD Canvas you will get three different apps regarding Canvas. They offer various benefits to their users. To know more about the canvas app and its benefits for Students, Teachers, and Parents are as follows.

  1. Canvas Students

It helps the students operate their accounts from anywhere, due to the presence of the internet. It offers a great platform to solve assignments, complete notes, and feedback, and have a comprehensive connection with the teachers. FISD Canvas provides a luxury path for the students to learn and interact more without spending money and time.

  1. Canvas Teacher

The teachers have a direct check count on their students as they are fully interconnected with the system. FISD Canvas helps teachers to track everything related to the system and their Student’s progress.

  1. Canvas parents 

Parents can Set Notifications regarding a child’s assignment, check the Dashboard, and View the Course Syllabus and the ongoing class activities. They can also view the topic name and date of submission. Parents get direct access to check the grade card of the student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: No. Canvas and Skyward are two different platforms and passwords are not linked between them. They are set independently.

Ans: Yes, you can contact skyward which is a student information system. From here you can access the grades, attendance, and report card of the student.

Ans: To know about the steps taken to check the student’s attendance card are as follows:

  • Click on the Attendance option.
  • Once it loads, click on the gear in the upper right corner of the attendance window.
  • Choose an attendance report with student name and class.
  • Choose to see the absent and present option on the report card.
  • The Report link will appear. Click on the link to access it.
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