Author: Ankit


  • Pursued MBA in “Supply Chian and Logistics”.
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.


  • In Transportation and Logistics.
  • Digital Marketing and Marketing management.
  • Automobile and smartphones.


  • He is a conceptually skilled person with good writing skills.
  • He is a versatile person.
  • He is fond of reading books and researching new trends.

Ankit is a passionate writer with overall 3+ years of experience in curating awe-inspiring content for the Digital Marketing, IT, and Education industries. The contents he provided are conceptual-based and easy to understand. Apart from writing, he enjoys reading books and researching new trends and facts in his free time. He also has a keen interest in Supply Chain, Logistics as well as in Cryptocurrency. His blogs are straightforward and written in a way that even non-tech-savvy readers can understand.

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