The Tech You Need for Successful Home Education

During the COVID19 pandemic, schools had to close temporarily with many children switching to learning from home online. For some, this might have been an unusual experience that they would not want to continue, while other children thrived more in the home environment. It’s no surprise that after the pandemic, there has been an increase in parents deciding to take their children out of school to continue home-educating due to various reasons including special educational needs, or to avoid bullying at school. If you are contemplating switching to education at home for your child, then here are some of the technology items that they are going to need. 


A laptop is a must for any home education plan these days, with lots of classes online. Many home-educated kids will learn similar to what is taught at school or even attend a school as a remote student. Having their own laptop will make it much easier for your child to access their classes at any time throughout the day, complete assignments, and conduct research. This Lenovo school laptop is a good option to consider. 

When buying a laptop, consider what your child is going to be doing on it. Most basic laptops will work well for general schoolwork. However, one of the benefits of home education is that your child can choose to learn lots of different things that are not typically offered as part of the school curriculum for their age. For example, they might be interested in photography, video editing, or coding, in which case they will need to get a more powerful laptop that is built to handle these more power-intensive tasks. 


Depending on your child’s age, it might be wise to consider getting them their own smartphone before you begin home educating. Socialization is more important than ever before when your child is no longer in school. Since they are not going out and interacting with their peers every day in the classroom, parents need to make sure that kids have as many options as possible to continue meeting up with friends, getting involved with groups, meeting new people, and building their social skills. 

Having a smartphone can be ideal for older kids, especially, as it makes it easier for them to keep in contact with their old friends and continue having a social life even when they are no longer attending school. 


Getting a tablet can be an ideal choice for kids who are being educated at home since this device can be used in many different ways. Tablets are often great for many different educational purposes; kids can use them to play games where they will learn something new, or for reading with an e-reader app. They are portable, lightweight, and ideal for taking out with you if you want to explore the outside environment to learn new things. 


If reading digital books are the main reason for investing in a tablet, then you may want to first consider if an e-reader is going to be a cheaper option. When your child is doing school from home, this can be an ideal alternative to buying lots of different books if you are conscious of space or want to be more environmentally friendly.  With an e-reader, your child can easily store lots of different educational books along with novels and other books that they might enjoy reading in their spare time. 

After the COVID19 pandemic, home education numbers increased as many families realized it was a better option for their kids. These days, successful education at home means getting the right technology for your child.

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