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YouTube is one of the most prominent alternative learning platforms. It is free, flexible, and convenient. Since it also specializes in video content, it can help you learn more effectively. Lifestyle blog Live Rich Live Well explains that this is because you are in charge of pacing your own lessons and scheduling as you watch and learn.

Yet arguably the most important benefit YouTube provides is that it covers a lot of topics and helps viewers understand complex concepts better. And this is great, especially for those who want to work on technical skills like strategizing for poker.

If you want to learn poker skills from YouTube, you might as well learn from the best. These 5 poker stars with the biggest YouTube channels can serve as great starting points.

Joe Ingram

This poker pro is celebrated for his prolific hand history in various game formats. His best record for No Limit 6-max is a whopping 50,000 hands in one day. Meanwhile, his best records for Pot Limit Omaha are 33,000 hands in a day and 450,000 in a month.

Today, he’s passing on his knowledge through his channel Joeingram1. Here, he releases easy-to-understand explanations of poker-related plays and interviews various poker professionals on their own individual game styles and strategy tips.

Lex Veldhuis

Lex Veldhuis’s skills during the 2009 WSOP $10,000 Main Event made him a mainstay among poker stars. To win, the underdog pulled off a series of bold bluffs against the seasoned Doyle Brunson. This eventually became one of the most viewed poker videos online.

If you want to learn how to bluff like Veldhuis, simply head over to his self-titled YouTube channel. Here, he uses his own commentary to show viewers how to bluff to win through actual games. His videos can help you acquire a skill that can come especially in handy if you go pro.

Andrew Neeme

What poker fans can learn from this known low-to-mid stakes player is just how social and fun poker can be. Andrew Neeme is recognized for popularizing the idea of ‘meetup games,’ which are poker matches organized through social media platforms.

On his YouTube channel, Neeme gives viewers a glimpse of how fun it is to participate in meetup games like the 2022 poker tables at Seminole Hard Rock. He also publishes educational content in a conversational format that covers poker concepts such as bankroll, value betting, and shot-taking.

Daniel Negreanu

If you want to learn from the best of the best, check out the YouTube channel of Kid Poker himself. Daniel Negreanu is considered one of the best poker players of all time. Through the years, he’s become known for his brilliant plays in high stakes tables from the late 90s to the early 00s. To date, he’s bagged 6 bracelets from WSOP and a couple of World Poker Tour titles.

On Negreanu’s channel, you’ll find countless basic and advanced poker lessons to choose from. He also posts vlogs that show viewers what it’s like to participate in big tournaments like the World Series of Poker. And if you want to learn how to play high stakes like Negreanu, he even publishes videos that break down hands from actual high-stakes games.

Ultimately, mastering poker lies in practicing and learning from your plays. With poker stars making YouTube content that covers everything from fundamentals to winning strategies, incorporating their videos into your training can further boost your progress.

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