Minitool Moviemaker Reviews

After watching the videos on YouTube and Instagram, do you wonder how people have such excellent editing skills? And how much they spent on editing and on purchasing video editing software.

MiniTool movie maker, much fantastic software in the market provides video editor tools, transitions, trimming options, and other effects. And today, we will do the MiniTool movie maker review, an app that claims to be a fantastic video editing product. But here, you will understand whether the software is worth using or not.

But before getting in, let’s look at some of the premium features that make it stand alone from other video editing software.


Adjust Video Speed

Allows users to make their videos even more extraordinary. provides access to change the speed of your video with or even play your videos backward by applying the reverse feature

Quick Trim/Split

With MiniTool MovieMaker, users can quickly split video clips into little videos with the help of a video cutter tool to Capture the best moments from a video.

Awesome Text/Elements

Allows users to fill up the videos with incredible text and animated elements. In addition, you can customize aspects by changing the duration, resizing, rotating, and placing them wherever you like!

Stunning Video Effects

Allows users to use stunning transitions, effects, and motions to make your video more dazzling and impactful.

Cool Templates

It helps to create a movie with cool and stylish templates, photos and videos, change titles or background music, like a fantastic film 


It’s all about your pitch! MiniTool MovieMker charges various prices depending on your requirement. Here I have provided you with some real-price statistics of the MiniTool MovieMaker. 

PlanPriceLinkNo. of Usage
Monthly Subscription$12.99Buy Now1 license for 1 PC
Annual Subscription$35.99 to $59.99Buy Now1 license for 1 PC
Ultimate Plan$59.99 $99.99Buy Now1 license for 3 PCs

Review of MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker has been the to-go video editor for many users for quite some time. Therefore, we will look at MiniTool MovieMaker in detail in this section.


With MiniTool MovieMaker, all tools are distinguished to make the interface straightforward; a neat interface lets you scrub through any clip in the Media view simply by approaching through the cursor.

Three-panel video-editing interface on MiniTool MovieMaker, with source content at the top left, a preview window on the top right, and the timeline at the bottom of the screen, make this easy and accessible video editing software



With MiniTool MovieMaker, users can make the video clips more interesting. It allows you to add transitions simply by dragging between two clips. It also helps you to handle any required overlapping automatically. 

To access Transition, You have to click the Transition tab and drag and drop it between two clips. In addition, you can change the duration and Transition mode.

ALT- Transitions


With MiniTool MovieMaker, users can use 50+ updated filters to deliver a stunning look, like Instagram. Apart from this, it also offers color correction tools such as contrast, saturation, and brightness adjustment and allows you to use 3D effects in your videos.

To access the Effects option, go to the Effect tab and find the effects you like, then drag and drop them between the video clip.


With MiniTool MovieMaker, you can easily add titles, captions, and credits to the video. Users can also have options like changing font size, color, opacity, and alignment.

You must head to the Text tab to add text to your videos. Then, after choosing from a selection of well-designed text styles, you can enter text and edit it right in the preview window.



Users will get a panning and zooming effect used to make the video more vibrant. In addition, MiniTool MovieMaker provides more than 30 motion options, such as Pan down, Pan up, Zoom on the left, Zoom on the right, Zoom out centre, etc.

To access Motion, the motion tap on the Motion button. Then, tap on the + icon or drag and drop to the target clip on the timeline.


With MiniTool MovieMaker, users can improve their videos with the use of 70 + different cartoon animated elements such as the arrow, emoji, nature, pets, travel, and the web to decorate their videos.

To add an animated element to the video, you must navigate to Element to access the element library. First, download the updated element source and choose the desired Element for the video; you can flip, rotate, and change the position and size in the video.


To sum up, MiniTool MovieMaker has packed with various exciting features and a user-friendly interface. Enable its users to edit the videos in no time, even if you are new to this.

It also supports converting the video as .MP3 audio or a short video as GIF.

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