Hexnode UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) is a living example of mobile management as its widespread practice by various devices like Android, iOS, Apple, Windows, Fire OS, and macOS. Since the last decade, Hexnode has made its way to the top for companies managing their device fleet. With the growth in technology and its use, the threat of data infringement has become a more serious problem for corporations to face. 

Hexnode mobile device management has proven its worth from SMBs to Fortune 500s in over 100 countries with a centralized forum for device management and data security.

The endless hard work by the team of Hexnode UEM solution has finally paid off. On June 14th, 2022 Hexnode was marked in the fourth position of the IDC market scape. In simple words, Hexnode has been named a leader in the IDC market scape. 

What is IDC? 

IDC is a market intelligence and demand generation company that mainly focuses on the technology industry. IDC has been working in supporting the technology industry using research, data, insights, and marketing technology. To help establish and strengthen the relationship between businesses.

A study was conducted and some inclusion criteria were established. Vendors were invited to partake based on following crucial standards

  1. The vendor proposing has a UEM suite addressing devices along with some application management objectives for PCs and laptops as well as for smartphones and tablets. 
  1. The vendor has UEM product revenue of $5+ million for the calendar year 2019. Revenue was estimated in May 2020 and may alter from forthcoming market share documents. 

For this study, 18 different vendors were scrutinized and more than 30 customers were surveyed using UEM products. Fundamental findings include:

  • Use of multiple UEM Solutions for regional support by most enterprises. 
  • The confluence of boards comes before the sole pane of glass. 
  • The backing of the following endpoint platforms like Apple, Android, Chrome OS, Windows, and Mac is common among most of the vendors.
  • Endpoint analytics and developed telemetry assemblies and inspection are thriving components among many UEM solution providers. 
  • The proposal from many vendors was of offering UEM as a security component to a massive workspace. 

The IDC market scape report examines vendors based on their qualitative and quantitative factors. This report abstracts the following features of the vendors that were stability and challenges, and how the vendors are assisting the enterprises in making notified technology decisions.

Hexnode UEM Solutions:

On this auspicious occasion of the success of Hexnode UEM solutions, the CMO of Hexnode Rachana Vijayan says, “Hexnode’s sole objective is to simplify enterprise security, all the while offering IT admins a helping hand in managing and securing their device fleet. We are happy to be positioned as a Leader and a major player in the four IDC MarketScape reports on UEM. We believe that this validation will assist businesses in selecting the right solution while adhering to their security roadmap” 

Hexnode was the standalone UEM solution provider for a long time and kept its space well-occupied by expanding its product versatility and channel alliance.

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