Netflix Account for Free

Netflix is one of the major OTT platforms in the world right now, with its diverse set of content across all continents. It has become a one-stop platform to cater to all the needs of a diverse audience. 

Netflix binge-watching has become a new trend all over the world. From teenagers to retired folks, everyone has gone crazy for entertainment after the advent of OTT platforms.

Netflix had roughly 221.64 million paid subscribers overall as of the first quarter of 2022 and this denotes a downfall of around 200,000 premium subscribers as compared to the last quarter. The prices for Netflix premium accounts have been reduced significantly over the years to acquire a larger audience and also due to the competitive prices of rivals like Prime Video. Still, a very large pool of people is looking for ways to get their hands on a free Netflix account and password.

For those who can not afford premium accounts and are tired of looking for pirated content, we are providing you with tried and tested alternatives to watch Netflix content for absolutely zero bucks. 

Existing Premium Netflix Plans

Netflix has different plans to cater to the needs of various consumers and each plan gives you the freedom to watch your favorite content on a set number of screens. The kind of plan you opt determines the video quality and the set number of screens you can watch on the streaming platform simultaneously. .

With all of the plans, one can enjoy unlimited entertaining shows and movies, and you can also play mobile games with the same subscription.

  • Basic Plan: $9.99 (1 screen at a time)
  • Standard Plan: $15.49 (2 screens at a time)
  • Premium Plan: $19.99 (4 screens at a time)
Netflix Plans

Free Netflix Username and Passwords

Curious souls out there must be wondering, what are free Netflix accounts and passwords? As it happens, people share their Netflix accounts and passwords with their friends and relatives and they enjoy the movies and shows without spending even a single penny (well they have invested in making some good friends). 

No need to worry even if you do not have such friends, we are here to offer you a hand of friendship by providing you with active usernames and passwords.

Beneath, you will find the list of free working Netflix accounts and passwords. These IDs and passwords may not work for everyone, all things considered, we suggest attempting the following one until you track down the functioning record from the list.

Also, just reminding you that these are still someone else’s accounts, so please don’t change the account password.

Madiemcdowell13@gmail.comLucy3114 arthur8

Most clients change the password of free Netflix accounts once they get into it. Also, that is the justification for why you see the password is incorrect while attempting to log in. Indeed, you can relax assuming you are confronting that as well. Let us show you many more ways to continue enjoying your favorite shows and movies for absolutely free. 

Other Ways to Get a Netflix Account

If you are here surfing and dedicating your time to looking out for ways to get free access to the content of this tech giant, then you are someone who probably can not afford to pay for a subscription right now or someone who just does not want to or maybe someone who does not know whether it is valuable enough to invest their hard-earned money.

Well if you want to know and test the quality and value of money for the content provided by Netflix on its platform or you are already in love with their stories, you can try out different free trials available on its platform in specific regions of the world.

These modes would be recommended if you have already tried the free account and password method but unfortunately, it did not work. 

7-days Free Trial Netflix Account

Anyone can enjoy the benefit of 1 or perhaps 2 months (it might vary in different regions across the globe) of free Netflix membership as it has been given by Netflix itself at the time of joining.

Also, as we all realize that Netflix gives first-month free access so you can make various email IDs. You can utilize each email id to get a free Netflix account whenever your old trial expires. By doing so you can have the subscription for an unlimited time. Furthermore, remember to drop the membership choice before the last day of its preliminary pack.

Please note that the free Netflix trial is now not available for all regions. You can check the availability for your country here.

By porting your sim card to that network provider which is offering such plans.

Free Netflix subscription from Telecoms

You can enjoy seamless entertainment if you are a user of some mobile communication brands which provide complimentary Netflix subscriptions with their specific plans.

Companies providing such offers:

  • T-mobile has collaborated with Netflix to provide free membership to consumers on selected plans.
  • Airtel is offering the basic and standard plans of Netflix bundled with its Postpaid Family Plan. For additional inquiries, simply download and open the My Airtel application and information exchange with your Airtel number. In the App, you will track down total subtleties and guidelines on the most proficient method to get a free Netflix Account by buying an Airtel plan.
  • Jio users often get a free subscription with some of their recharge plans.

Be aware of the new plans and bundles launched by different telecom operators to effectively utilize your mobile expenses.

Utilizing Netflix Cookies

Netflix cookies are a great asset to getting access to paid content. It would be easy for everyone who is used to the fundamentals of web browsing to understand the use of cookies. 

A cookie is a piece of information from a site that is put away inside an internet browser that the site can recover. Cookies are utilized to let the server know that clients have gotten back to a specific site. 

How to Use Cookies to Enjoy Netflix?

Netflix cookies are the data of a subscriber that the web browser stores just after their engagement on the platform. You just require an extension like EditThisCookie and authentic Netflix cookies which are easily accessible online.

  • Step 1: Download and add the EditThisCookie extension to your preferred browser.
EditThisCookie extension
  • Step 2: After installing the extension, click on the extension icon appearing on the right side of the toolbar section to launch it.
  • Step 3: Now click on the import button and paste the latest Netflix cookies code which can be easily downloaded online.
Import and Save Cookies
  • Step 4: Click on the green button, this will save the cookies on your web browser. Furthermore, you just need to go to the Netflix website and you will get automatically logged in to a paid account. Have fun binge-watching your favorite shows for free.

Well, cookies are always a treat to us. Enjoy!

Free Netflix Accounts Via Telegram Channels

Telegram has been acting as a back door entry for every paid subscription on the web right now. There are many channels on Telegram which work on providing free Netflix membership to its users. 

A portion of the channels directly provide you with the passwords of the paid account and each one of you can try that. But a few of them also run regular giveaways for their members and you can try your luck out there.

Install Telegram if you haven’t already, it is nothing less than a treasure for finding free content that too of any kind. Search “Free Netflix Account” and join all the channels to receive the latest updates regularly. 

Free Netflix Account Telegram Channel

Tip: Turn on the notification of all those active channels and try to log in to the account as soon as they provide the list of usernames and passwords. Also, only join the popular channels with a good number of subscribers to avoid any kind of spam.

Simply Ask Your Friends or Family

Well if you have tried everything and somehow you still can not find your way to get your hand into a subscription. Then the easiest method is to politely ask your friends and family to share their accounts with you.

How to Set up a Free Netflix Profile?

Netflix allows you to create up to 5 different user profiles in a single account. Each profile has its own watchlists and recommendation according to specific preferences so that it does not overlap with other users. 

1- Go to

2-  Select ‘Manage Profiles’ and add a profile. 

Netflix User Profiles

The basic plan allows only 1 user to see the content at a time and the number of screens increases with every upgraded plan.

But here is a lesser-known hack for you folks, you can still ask your friends even if they have a basic plan only. The loophole is that you can watch on 2 screens using the download feature which is available for some devices. One user can enjoy watching online and the other can just download it and watch it simultaneously.

Note: You need to toggle off your internet while watching downloaded content otherwise it will restrict you to use multiple screens.


We have tried to cover almost every bit of information regarding the various modes of getting a free Netflix subscription. Furthermore, we want to clarify that many of these user Ids and passwords might not work. They all have been collected from valid sources but some of them might work effectively while some might not. So, we suggest you try the trial and error method to improve your chances.

You can also try other unique ways which are provided above to watch Netflix for free. What are you waiting for? You have the sources as well as resources, get it right now on your device and start browsing through your favorite shows and movies without spending a single penny. 

Try out and you can thank us later. Happy Binge-Watching!

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