At AvaxHome, you will find a huge collection of music, movies, books and videos, music classified in categories, lets you download TV series or movies.

AvaxHome Info, Screenshot and Reviews

AvaxHome is another popular library where you can find not just books but music, videos, movies, documentaries, and much more. The site lets you create an account to have access to multiple books and other things on the go. Not just books, you will find music in dedicated categories or you can search for the music using albums. Click on the album cover to download it. Similarly, you can download a TV series or movie to watch; the single episode or the whole season, choice is yours. 

Get access to e-books and other materials for learning along with several games, newspapers, graphics, and wallpapers for their desktop. The reason why it is a top alternative for Z-Library is that everything is accessible for free.

Alternatives to AvaxHome

1. Quickreader

2. Z-Library

3. FreeBookSpot

4. Ebook3000

5. Epdf.pub

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