Author: Raqes Singh

  • Education
    • Graduation in from the University of Delhi
    • Diploma in Digital Marketing from DMP
  • Introduction 
    • An introvert who has been freelancing for the last 4 years. Skillful in writing technical and SEO-friendly content for blogs, articles, press releases, and e-commerce sites. 
  • Expertise 
    • Login Guides 
    • Email Troubleshooting 
    • How to’s 
    • Tips and Tricks 
    • Social Media
    • Android, iOS, and Windows 
  • Experience
    • Raqes has been working for the last 4 years and acquired knowledge during the journey by working on different projects. His contents are based on Seo guidelines and involve in-depth research. In his words, “Reading should not be complex, it has to be simple and easy”.
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