Best 6 Animoto Alternatives to Serve Your Different Needs

Video Making is one of the most demanding skills, and it takes so much skill and patience to be a good video editor. To excel in making videos that viewers are hooked to the end, editors need to master making videos using the best video editor.  

Some video editors can be expensive, but if you know the right alternatives and how to use them, you will save a lot of money and use it elsewhere to improve your passion.

A great example of an editor that lots of professionals use is Animoto. Animoto lets a user create well-crafted videos with its amazing features. 

Even though Animoto has a free plan for its users, the unavoidable thing is the watermark it leaves on videos. Apart from that, the paid subscription of Animoto can be too expensive for some, or some may feel that they can get even better features from other editors at a reasonable price.

If you are scouring for editing software that will serve perfectly as an alternative to Animoto, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes Animoto a great editor for professionals and the six amazing alternatives of Animoto that will give you a smooth editing experience.

6 Animoto Alternatives That Will Give You the Best Editing Experience

Animoto is a versatile editor that supports various devices and comes with useful features. However, very few other editors can give you a similar or even better experience with their useful features and affordable subscription plans.

Here are the six editors that can be used as an Animoto alternative:


Filmora is a part of Wondershare Suite that has been quite popular among video creators and influencers. Even professionals use Filmora for their high-end projects. It supports Windows and iOS devices.

Features: Filmora is an editor that has all the useful features a creator might need. You will get access to full-scale templates for your videos and various useful features. It doesn’t take users much time to master this editor because of its simplicity. 

Pros: The biggest pro of Filmora is that it is filled with tons of templates, effects, photos, and filters. You’ll be very unlikely not to find what you are in search of to add to your videos. Plus, Filmora’s rendering time is fast, unlike most editors, which impresses the users the most.

Cons: Since Filmora is already filled with tons of filters and effects, you don’t get the option to create your own effects. Plus, it also doesn’t let you work on more than one video simultaneously. 

Price: $10 each month.


If you are an iOS user, consider giving iMovie a shot before using other video editors. This editor is so straightforward that you may not even require online tutorials to learn to use it. If you own an iPhone, iMovie would be the best pick for you before you explore other options.

Features: When it is about filters, iMovie has some of the best options for you to choose from. Your videos will look vibrant and professional if you use them wisely. Plus, iMovie makes it easy for users to share their edited videos on social media platforms like Instagram.

Pros: The color setting feature will help you get great results as it enhances the video quality. Plus, you get lots of themes to choose your favorite from. You can also crop and rotate videos easily according to your preference with iMovie.

Cons: The trimming feature of iMovie needs a little bit of improvement. Plus, you won’t get vast soundtracks in the library for your videos. If you are not an iOS user, you won’t be able to use iMovie.

Price: Free


If you want to create professional videos as a beginner, InVideo is the perfect Animoto alternative. You can use images and a pre-made template to make the theme and script of the video clearer to the audience. InVideo is a popular name among influencers, video creators, video editors, bloggers, and digital marketers.

Features: InVideo has almost all the basic features of a standard video editor, but the powerful element editor and a text-to-audio feature make it unique. Apart from that, you get a feature that lets you do voiceovers for your videos. It also has an iStock media library for video clips, photos, and audio to add to your videos.

Pros: If you are making videos to share on your social media platforms, InVideo is the best pick because its exporting options, features, over 5000 templates, 1000+ stickers, visual effects, etc., are made to cater to all your needs. With a little practice, you will master all its features in no time.

Cons: InVideo is an editor that professionals love using simply because it’s almost flawless. However, the exporting process of the videos can be a bit lengthy. You must make sure that your internet connection is stable when using InVideo.

Price: $15 each month (Business Plan)

          $30 each month (Unlimited Plan)


If you want an editor that runs smoothly on both iOS and Android devices and comes with the coolest features, Inshot is the best pick for you. You will get various enhancement options, effects, filters, and pre-made templates to make perfect videos.

Features: Inshot is a power-packed editor that ensures smooth and perfect editing. You get tons of filters to choose from for both photos and videos. Other than that, you may add texts to your videos and even choose fonts that compliment the overall vibe of the video as well. Removing and adding music to videos is also effortless with Inshot.

Pros: Inshot is a very popular editor among users as the features are simple, and editing videos becomes easy. This editor’s polished interface makes it the first choice of users. Apart from that, Inshot’s premium plan is budget-friendly and great for beginners who are still learning to excel in their careers.

Cons: The drawback of Inshot is the watermark it leaves on videos once they are exported. 

Price: Monthly subscription to Inshot starts from $3.99.


If you are in search of an online video editor to create a beautiful presentation, Magisto is the perfect pick for you. This editor simplifies your video creation process and leaves you with amazing results.

One thing that makes this editor unique is that it is AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered with premium video creation and editing tools that will give you the desired results every time.

Features: As previously mentioned, Magisto’s AI-powered premium editing tools differentiate it from the other Animoto alternatives. You will get access to commercially licensed audio tracks and various themes to show your creativity.

Pros: The pre-designed templates, as well as the effects of Magisto, make it convenient to use. Plus, you can access stock images and videos to make your videos even better. You can store your projects online, so you won’t have to worry about storing big video files on your device.

Cons: Despite having so many features, this AI-powered editor’s only drawback is that it cannot run without an internet connection. Apart from that, you get only a handful of output options, making it difficult to export files.

Price: $9.99 each month

Wondershare Filmii

Filmii is an editor with plenty of themed templates for easy video making. You will get templates that suit different moods to express your creativity prominently. This is a great tool for you if you consider yourself a newbie in video editing.

Features: Wondershare Filmii is ideal for beginners as it comes with features like auto-creation and advanced editing modes. The best part is the in-built templates for different moods to help you effortlessly set the tone in your videos. You get access to royalty-free soundtracks and music to personalize all your videos with flexibility.

Pros: Wondershare Filmii is ideal for vlogs as it takes very little time and effort to make vlogs in this editor. The smart and responsive video templates will help you create a great viewing experience for your audience by setting the right mood for videos. The filters, motion elements, effects, and stickers will take your videos to the next level if you use them the right way. 

Cons: The only con of Wondershare Filmii is that it doesn’t have a Mac version.  

Price: US$9.99 each month


The aforementioned video makers will cater to all your needs and match your expectations. If you take time to work on your skills and improve them, you can master editing on any given video maker. Choose your ideal video maker and amaze your viewers with your skills and creativity to attract social media or to grow your business.

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