About Audiomack

Since you are here, we believe you are definitely a music composer looking to gain some popularity on this amazing platform Audiomack. The application is quite a unique platform for music lovers and upcoming passionate musicians. Why? Because not only does the platform allow users to download and listen to free music, it helps upcoming artists to stream their own original music for free. You heard it right. Its initiative to motivate young musicians is one reason behind the heating popularity of Audiomack. 

Although it is quite a place to reach out to millions of listeners within no time, the task might not be as easy as it seems and that is why you have us. Below is a list of top 10 websites for you to buy audio Mack plays and followers and level up your music game.


Looking for cheap yet high-quality plays or authentic followers at a low price? Then you need to look no further beyond Socioblend. The website has been serving multiple social media services and its recent add-on of the Audiomack is gaining steady momentum among the audience. You can buy Audiomack Plays, Followers, Likes, Reups, Favorites, and Custom comments as well. So, every sub-category for Audiomack promotion is covered and you don’t have to look elsewhere. 

The service provides 4 varied packages and you can pick depending on the number of plays and your budget. 

Likes Boom

Likesboom is another platform providing artists with authentic followers and plays. The website also has different packages for its consumers and the delivery time is approximately 24 hours. The cheapest package starts at $2 and can extend up to $120.

Audiomack followers


Upwork is a social media marketing platform providing its consumers with different packages ranging from starter to advanced. You can make a choice depending on your need and pocket. The website is professionally upheld and delivers the result within 3 days. It promises heavy organic traffic with its paid services.

Get Music Plays

Need your order processed within a few minutes? Get Music Plays could help you with that. The website is an old player and basically serves fans and the likes of the artists on various platforms. They have a starter and advanced packages ranging between $4 to $35 depending on the demand. The website has positive reviews and is known to be quite affordable.

Juss Russ

Juss Russ Digital Marketing is a digital marketing service provider which focuses on music labels. The service offers Audiomack promotion through plays, likes, and followers. They have typically 2 packages – Basic and Premium. The platform is one of the very few that allows the user to pay for services through crypto.

Social Daddy

Social Daddy is an India-based social media marketing service. The website is quite new in the market and might have a unique approach, though it would include the risks as well. You can simply reach out on the website and fill in your needs and pay the server through an online medium. The service typically starts within 12 hours.

Buy Real Media

Buy real media is another player in the marketing business. The platform has the tendency to reward you with a global reach but with that comes the budget. Since the services are extraordinary, the rates are quite unusual too. The package starts at $15 and can reach as high as $5000 based on the reach and number of followers or plays given. The website has different packages for followers, likes, and audiomack plays.

Audiomack plays

Plug View

Looking to sign with known record labels? But that’s not a piece of cake unless you take the professional promotion packages of Plug View. Plug view is a digital marketing service provider, well known to get authentic audiomack plays though does not provide service for audiomack likes. You can buy any package ranging between $5 to $55. The service providers are well known for their exposure and website publicity.

Try Views

Try views is a social media marketing business and is well established in the industry. The platform provides multiple services including plays, like, re-ups, and followers. There are various packages available for different promotions. The platform guarantees instant delivery, no drop guarantee, and affordable prices.

Buy Shazam

Buy Shazam is your go-to place if you want everything done in one place as the platform provides its consumers with Audiomack followers, plays, likes, comments, playlist plays, add-to-playlist, and more such services relevant to Audiomack. The service is available at a rate of $2 to $80 which comes with a lifetime no-drop guarantee. You can simply make your order and the delivery completes within a week or so.

Audiomack promotion

Audiomack is steadily gaining its own fame in the industry due to its innovative approach to the music business. The platform is connecting like-minded people together and is therefore becoming the talk of the town. Audiomack is the perfect place for a budding musician and if you are one, it’s time to take a leap. Later, when you need to gain some followers, likes, or plays on audiomack you have the best of websites right in front of you. Buy now or save it for later. We are rooting for you!

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