Romantic Weekend

For many couples who are in their late 20s, 30s, or 40s, the idea of having some time for just the 2 of them is nothing short of a dream come true.

In daily life, it is easy to get bogged down with work, children, and other responsibilities, meaning that to keep everything afloat and ticking over, the relationship often (unfortunately) must take a back seat. However, this is not ideal for the long-term health of the relationship and can lead to overall dissatisfaction from both parties.

So, if you have planned a romantic weekend away for you and your partner, or you are looking to do so, it can seem quite intimidating if it has been a while since the 2 of you were alone together. However, don’t panic. This article will aim to help you to prepare for this getaway properly, so you can have some fun alone with your partner.

Get Some Toys

The first thing that can be well worth investing in is some toys, and yes, you know the types of toys that are being spoken about.

Sex toys can add a lot of excitement to a romantic weekend away for you and your partner. If you already have some favorites at home, it can be well worth packing these as well as buying some new ones. Google the best sex toy store in your area to get some new ideas if you have never used sex toys before and are looking to try something new. However, rest assured, this will add a lot of fun to your private getaway.

Take Minimal Tech

There is nothing worse than going on a romantic weekend away only to find that your partner is spending a lot of time staring at a laptop or a smartphone. There’s plenty of time to do that when you’re at home. The idea of the romantic weekend away is that it is romantic, so aim to pack as little tech as possible. Of course, if you have children or pets and need to stay in touch with a pet sitter or babysitter, take your phone, and ensure it’s charged for emergencies. However, turn it on to silent and divert emails.

No Finance Talk

If your weekend away is a surprise, you can expect your partner to be asking lots of questions that are very adult, such as how much did this cost? Don’t answer. This question can lead to an uncomfortable conversation that you don’t want to be having on a weekend away. The same rules apply to other aspects of finances when you are having a romantic retreat with your loved one. Do not talk about money at all.


The best way to ensure that you don’t talk about money is to plan everything, from where you are going, to how much it will cost, and how much you will need to spend. If you are looking for a particularly romantic getaway, it can be worth doing a bit more research into the place that you will be staying, as they may be able to dress up the room a bit for you with roses, champagne, and other novelties, which will help to make your partner feel special. So, shop around.

Gifts are a Good Idea

Finally, a small gift can be a good idea as well, especially if given to your partner at the start of the getaway. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gift, but it can set the mood for your time together. Just make sure that it is a gift that your loved one will like and, as mentioned before, do not answer the question of how much it costs.

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