Jobs for Beginners

The Tech industry is ever-changing. It presumes constant research, innovative approaches, and never-ending improvements. This sphere is exciting to work in since you can become a pioneer of the brand-new advanced technology that makes people’s lives better. On the other hand, even without a tremendous digital breakthrough, you can do an interesting job and make enough money. However, nothing is as easy as it seems. The technology industry offers mostly experience-based vacancies. One needs formal education (certification or a degree), additional training, and a respective professional background. It is largely believed that even entry-level candidates have to possess a STEM degree (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and know several coding languages. So, is this sphere unavailable for most people? No.

Tech jobs are not always educationally formalized, so some professionals started out as self-taught and got necessary skills along the way. A degree becomes necessary when you want a promotion in the chosen sphere or needs to deepen your knowledge. Specialists from a leading job search engine worldwide, Jooble, have prepared a list of promising tech jobs for beginners.

 If you are just starting out your professional path, check the following options.

Technical Support Specialist

Technical support specialists help users solve various software or hardware problems. They also prevent troubles with our personal computers by cleaning deleterious stuff. Among their responsibilities are fixing the slow performance of the computer, deleting inefficient or dubious programs, glitches with data access, and connection troubles. These specialists also prepare respective documentation that helps end-users avert the same problems in the future. If the issue is too difficult to solve, technical support specialists refer it to senior colleagues. 

Multimedia Artist

Multimedia artists are specialists who create video games, ads, characters in movies, animations, etc. These people take care of the integral image, textures, color, light, and shadows of the created object. The first step of this process is sketching the idea by hand or on the tablet. So, to become a multimedia artist, you should be quite good at painting, although the Leonardo da Vinci level is not required. 

You will also deal with various types of software that can design two-or three-dimensional images. In general, multimedia artists are more programmers than artists in the classic sense. They create objects on computers, not on canvases. Obtaining such skills requires time and patience, but you can find tons of information on the Internet and attend special courses. Advanced specialists apply various tools to create characters interacting with each other and the landscape on different devices. 

Web Developer

Web developers are specialists who create website layouts and user interfaces. The central part of their job though is coding. Web developers work on efficient code and test it. It helps gather and refine data and solve various software problems. Integrating data from services and databases also belongs to a web developer’s job. Apart from it, these specialists create and keep track of software documentation. They take care of websites, making sure it works smoothly and properly responding to various users’ inquiries. Since web development is a fast-growing sphere, to keep up with industry trends, one should stay engaged and focused on the news. Besides, web developers tightly cooperate with web designers to connect visual and functional parts of the project. 

Like most tech jobs representatives, web developers have no problems working remotely. This option is also available for specialists who seek an internship in this sphere. So, if you were wondering about remote web developer internships, you will find plenty of opportunities. 

UX Designer

As a UX designer, you are going to analyze how users perceive digital solutions offered by a company. You will deal with their experience and seek ways to improve it. UX Designers look for errors and identify and troubleshoot them. They elaborate on various usage scenarios and invent solutions for digital products. One of their primary tasks is conducting usability surveys on mobile phones and personal computers to understand how the same information looks in a different configuration. UX designers study customers’ needs and spot weaknesses of the digital products they are working on. They also play a crucial role in the content creation strategy, since UX designers dive deep into the target market. Extracting research-based insights about user experience, these specialists connect design solutions and functional ideas the company wants to offer its customers. 

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers are in charge of company presence on the Internet. Since so many people are using the global web to look for products or services, the importance of this job is hard to overestimate. Digital marketing managers work on raising brand awareness and analyzing customer experience to increase sales in the future. They deal with ads, social media profiles, a company website, and process letters sent by current and potential customers. These specialists work on the front line of digital promotions, applying brand-new approaches and methods. If something like that emerges, or developers release new versions of the website or a product, digital marketing specialists are the first ones to evaluate them and offer customers. They also keep track of marketing metrics to understand if the new technologies or products help companies earn more. 

As we see, the technology industry has a range of various roles to offer depending on your aspirations and background. Some of them require solely technical skills, the others focus on the non-technical ones. The highest-paying industries presume good coding skills and a STEM background. However, to run a company smoothly and build bridges between developers and customers, departments also need specialists with other skills. Don’t hesitate to try yourself in the tech industry.

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