We all have credit cards and we all are aware of the benefits you get while you own one. Just like the other services of Citibank, Sears credit card also offers a wide variety of services to its customers. Sears credit card is one of the most popular ones. There’s an innumerable amount of services you can avail with Sears but still, for those who don’t know let’s have a look at some of them.  With a credit card, you can shop online and offline, you can make payments, pay bills, make any other transactions in the stores, you can even have some of your savings with it too, and there’s still much more. 

To make it easier for the users, Citibank also has an online platform, where all the credit card holders can simply log in to their accounts for managing balances and checking past transactions. The good part about the online services is that you will no longer require to commute to the ATM for everything, you can have all of your banking needs at your fingertips. 

But the thing with maintaining your credit card on an online platform is that you will have to register and log in to your Sears credit card account. Well, It’s nothing technical, here is a guide to help you with all this. But for that, you will be required to do a few things, make sure you have all of them to move ahead. 

Benefits of Sears Credit Cards:

  1. The company introduced a promotional last year offer according to which if a customer uses Shop your way MasterCard and spends a minimum of $50 within 30 days then a $40 statement credit will be awarded. The organization keeps on presenting such offers time and again. 
  2. You can get special financing, offers, coupons, and exclusive event access.
  3. On some of the gas station purchases (that are eligible), the cardholders are provided with 5% cash back or 3% back on some of the selected grocery store purchases, which combines the purchases of $10,000 per year and then 1% after that.
  4. You get an option of 12-month financing for some specified purchases of $299 or more.
  5. Some chosen or eligible Shop your way merchant cardholders are entitled to the 2% back.

Fee & charges of Sears Credit Card:

  1. Both the credit cards are sans annual fees.
  2. Only 2% interest is charged when applicable.
  3. The annual Percentage Rate (APR) for purchases will be 25.24%.
  4. There is a balance transfer fee of $10 or 5% of the amount of every transfer.
  5. The cash advance APR is 27.15%. The Cash Advance fee is $5 or 5% of the amount of the transaction, depending on which is greater.
  6. The foreign transaction fee is 3% of every transaction in US dollars only.
  7. The last penalty is $29 in case the full payment was made during the last six billing cycles, or else you have to pay the penalty of $40.

Comparison between Sears credit card and Shop your way Mastercard

Undoubtedly, both the credit cards offer a wide range of benefits and different rewards point programs, but still there is a thin line between the functioning of both. Let’s unveil some of them:

Sears Credit CardShop your way Mastercard
It can only be used at and the other franchises of the same brand. Shop your way Mastercard can be used where the Mastercard is accepted.
There is no balance transfer, foreign transaction, or cash advance facility available with this card. You get the option for a balance transfer, foreign transaction, or cash advance with Shop your way card.
Sears Credit Card provides exclusive Mastercard benefits.You can earn several reward points with gas stations, restaurants & more.

Requirements for Sears Credit Card Online Account

Here’s a list of what you should have before you can move further for your Sears credit card account:

  • A computer, smartphone, or laptop. 
  • A properly working web browser. 
  • Login address of Sears card. 
  • A valid user ID and password to your Sears credit card account. 

Let’s now learn how you can register for Sears Credit Card and its online account within a few steps. 

How to Register for Sears Credit Card?

Here are the steps spy can follow to register for a Sears credit card and open an online account for the same:

  • Launch your web browser and type
  • Select the account type you want to register for and you’ll be taken to its respective registration page. 
Select the account type
  • There, just at the bottom of the “sign-on” button, you’ll see another button saying “Register Your Card”, click on it to move ahead. 
Click on Register your card
  • On the next window, enter your Sears card’s number, your name that is on the card, the security code, along the last four digits of your social security number (SSN). After that, simply verify all the information that you just provided. 
Full in your card number
  • Next, type in all the personal information asked on the registration form. 
  • Create a User ID and a password for your Sears credit card online account. Make sure that you choose a unique password and you never reveal these credentials to anyone for the full safety of your account. 
  • You’ll be asked to select one of their security questions, answer the question, plus, always remember the answer to this question for later if you somehow lose your account. 
  • Select the kind of service you want and click on “Next”

Now that you have completed the registration steps, your Sears credit card is now officially registered to the site. This means now you will be able to manage your credit card online, right at your fingertips. 

After registering for the account, next what you’ll be required to do is log in to it to have full access to your card online. Let’s learn how you can do that. 

How to Log In to Sears Credit Card Account?

Here are the steps you can use to log in to your Sears credit card online account:

  • Launch the web browser on your device and visit
  • Click on the account type you own. 
  • On the given text box in the login form, type your User ID and Password.
Fill in your credentials 
  • Once filled in, click on the “Sign On” button. 
Click on Sign On

So this is how you can log in to your Sears credit card online account in just three steps. 

Now that you have learned everything for managing and accessing your credit card account. But what if somehow you lose access to your account? Well, a credit card account has aloof your crucial as well as personal information, so it’s important to retrieve the account as soon as possible. So let’s have a look at how we can recover our account or its password within a few simple steps. 

How to Retrieve Sears Credit Card Online Account and Reset Password?

It’s quite common amongst online account holders that they forget the password and then can’t have access to their respective accounts. Plus, they also haven’t written the credentials somewhere safe. Well, there’s nothing to worry about in this case either. Here, we have provided some steps that will help you to recover your Sears credit card online account. 

  • Visit the website of and launch the login page of it. 
  • Right at the bottom of the login portal, you will see two options, Retrieve User ID or Reset Password.
  • If you can’t remember the username of your account, click on Retrieve user ID and if you forgot the password to your account, click on Reset Password. 
  • Once selected one of the given options, you will be directed to another window where you will be asked for some personal information that you provided while registering for the account. 
  • Once filled in all the asked information, click on “Verify”.
  • And then, follow the given instructions, once completed all the steps, you will be able to retrieve your Sears Credit card online account
Note: While filling in the personal information, you will be asked for the name written on the card, credit card number, the security code, and the last four digits of your SSN number. 

Next, what you should keep in mind is paying the bills of your Sears credit card timely. This is a known fact that once someone starts using a credit card there’s no going back. But no matter what, you should always make your bill payments on time otherwise, it will keep on adding up, making it even more difficult for you. The good news here is, there are multiple ways in which you can pay for the bills, let’s have a look.

Ways of Making Payments for Sears Card

Just like there are several ways for filling the rest of the bills, say through credit or debit card, through cash, etc. similarly, there are multiple ways of filling those card’s bills too. Let’s have a look at each one of them:


This one is no doubt the most convenient method of all, you can easily pay your card’s bill through the online portal of Sears Credit card. Here’s how:

Visit the login page of Sears credit card.

  • Login to your account simply by filling in your login credentials, i.e., username and password.
  • Once logged in, visit the “Sears Bill Pay” option. 
  • Then it’s up to you if you want to make the full payment, partial payment, or if you want to schedule a payment for later. 
  • Proceed further to make the payments and you are all done. 


Well, one of the oldest yet still one of the most used payment methods. There are still some people among us who don’t feel comfortable making payments online. This is why Sears card also provides a phone call method for making bill payments. All you have to do is make a phone call to a toll-free number- 800-917-7700 for customer service. Then, follow the instructions as asked, like your credit card details and you are all done. 


Another one of the oldest methods of paying the bill is through the mail. All you have to do here is insert the check, money order, or any coupon that you have and send it to the correct address. Here is the mailing information of Sears card. For Sears MasterCard– P.O. Box 9001055

Louisville, KY 40290-1055

For Shop your way MasterCard– P.O. Box 78024

Phoenix, AZ 85062-8024


And of course, you can always visit your nearest Sears branch and make the payment yourself.  

So this was all about Sears credit card, its functions, registration, login, and paying its bills. Having a credit card is all fun and games but paying for its bills is utterly important and what’s even more important than that is making those payments on time. 

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