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OpenEmu is an open-source game emulator platform, specifically designed for Mac operating systems. The platform is easily downloadable on the Mac and can be used to play classic retro games. The software also tends to organize all the pre-downloaded ROM files in a more sophisticated manner for their easy accessibility. It provides a number of emulators to play games that were initially designed for certain other devices.

OpenEmu Info, Screenshot and Reviews

OpenEmu is a software that allows playing retro games by providing several types of emulators. The software is designed and developed to run only on Mac operating systems and is free to download.

The software brings together some of the best emulation projects that were very popular in older times and organizes them in a more efficient way to enhance its usability.  Moreover, the software is very easy to use, and the games can be played effortlessly. In order to run a game, you just have to drag and drop the ROM file of the game from the system in the emulator of the software, wait for the scanning of the file to be completed, and you are good to go.

Alternatives to OpenEmu

1. DopeRoms

2. Romulation

3. Emuparadise

4. CoolRom

5. The Rom Depot

One unique feature of OpenEmu is that it organizes all the game files and arranges them in the form of your personalized gaming library. Additionally, the ROM files already installed in the system get added to the software, automatically. Also, users can make their own library by choosing and putting game files of different emulators together.

Moreover, a Bluetooth or USB game controller can also be used to play games in OpenEmu, which makes it an apt alternative to CoolROM.

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Comments and Reviews:

  1. The new version of the software crashes very often and therefore, needed to switch to the older version.
  2. The platform is very convenient to use and has greatly helped in organizing different ROM files in one place.
  3. Fails to load a lot of games. While trying to do so, it shows warning messages and a lot of pop-ups.
  4. The emulator is very easy to use and runs games smoothly.
  5. This is a decent attempt at combining all emulators into a single program. The database features are fantastic. However, many of the emulator options are buried, making it impossible to play games that require tinkering. Although it is well polished and outstanding for free software, it still requires improvement. However, it’s worth checking into.
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