HBOT treatment preparation

Do you have an HBOT treatment coming up? If you do, you need to properly prepare before going to your hyperbaric chamber therapy session. 

Preparation improves your experience and can make HBOT treatment more effective. It also reduces the chances of side effects after the treatment. Here are six ways to prepare for your HBOT treatment:

Avoid Caffeine and Tobacco

Avoid coffee, energy drinks, tea, and tobacco before your treatment session, as they have nicotine and caffeine. These substances can cause blood vessel constriction, which may reduce blood and oxygen flow throughout your body. This can lower the effectiveness of your hyperbaric oxygen therapy session because not as much oxygen will be able to flow through your body.

Put Away Flammable Items

Do not apply any petroleum-based products before your HBOT session. This applies to nail polish, perfumes, lotions, and deodorants. Such products are flammable and should not be in an oxygen-rich environment. 

Other flammable products that you should not carry in a hyperbaric chamber include electronics (phones, iPads, or batteries) and hearing aids. When getting your hyperbaric treatments, these products should be left behind because the chambers have pressurized pure oxygen that may fuel a reaction.

Get Your Ears Ready for Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

Clean your ears thoroughly before your therapy. Start by removing wax, then practice simple ear-clearing exercises like yawning, drinking water, or chewing gum to pop your ears back to normal.

Preparing your ears helps them withstand the high air pressure inside the hyperbaric therapy chamber. High air pressure makes your ears fill up. The feeling is similar to how your ears react when a plane takes off or you take a deep dive. If you fail to prepare your ears, the high pressure can cause discomfort and pain in your eardrums.  

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes

Loose clothing will help you feel more comfortable while you are inside the HBOT chamber. The treatment process lasts between 45 minutes and two hours. This is a long time to be inside an enclosed chamber with uncomfortable clothing. Tight inner and outer clothing may leave you feeling claustrophobic during your designated treatment time. They can also make you sweaty. 

Accredited hyperbaric treatment centers may also provide you with medically-approved gowns and scrubs. This specific type of loose clothing is a great option for hyperbaric treatment therapy. Don’t stress about how it will fit as these centers have different sizes to cater to different body sizes.

Make a Doctor’s Appointment

Do not book a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session unless you have spoken to a healthcare professional. A physician can confirm if you have pre-existing conditions such as uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, claustrophobia, recent thoracic surgery, or underlying cancer. These conditions require special care during the treatment sessions to avoid any complications.

You are required to undergo lung imaging before treatment. This will help the doctor detect underlying conditions such as pneumothorax or a collapsed lung. Sick lungs cannot withstand the pressure inside the hyperbaric therapy chamber. 

If you are taking any medication, a doctor will evaluate you to determine if you are fit for the treatment. They only allow you to proceed with HBOT if your medicine does not interfere with the treatment. Certain medications don’t react well with HBOT, including specific types of chemotherapies and alcoholism medication. If you proceed with hyperbaric therapy when taking these medications, the treatment alters how your body reacts to the medicine. 

Schedule Your Treatment Properly

While preparing for your treatment, free up your schedule for at least two hours on the day you receive your treatment. Try to pick a day that’s laid back since fatigue is a common side-effect of hyperbaric chamber therapy. The treatment process doubles the work rate of your lungs and mitochondria, leaving you tired.

You’ll probably struggle to perform optimally at work immediately after HBOT. You should plan your therapy day to exclude heavy tasks post-treatment. Also, prepare some food at home or get some food and drinks after the procedure. You will probably leave the session feeling hungry and thirsty.

Prepare for Your HBOT Treatment Today

If your physician has advised you to get hyperbaric oxygen therapy, start preparing today. Avoid caffeine, prepare your ears, and get a medical checkup. 

Preparation helps you enjoy a smooth hyperbaric chamber therapy process. Schedule your hyperbaric chamber therapy at an FDA-approved facility. The specialists at the facility will guide you on all the steps you need to take before, during, and after the treatment. 

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