If you want to make a scanned electronic version of your signature, there are several ways to do it. The “right” way is to send your signature to a company that will create a special font for your entire signature, so that you will be able to print the picture of any size, moreover, it will still have nice vector lines.

People put all kinds of images in email signatures. In organizations, the inserted image is usually a logo, advertisement, or promotional image. Sometimes it is a photo or a stylized image of the sender. Images in personal email signatures often inform something about a person or a person’s interests.

Advantages of Using an Electronic Signature Image

Digital electronic signatures are an electronic way to prove that someone signed something, even if the final product is transmitted over a network where malicious people may try to tamper with it. So, for what can you use a scanned online signature? Here there are some suggestions:

  • Electronic mail. If you decide to use a signature in your email, be sure to send text messages to several email programs to make sure it looks the way you expect.
  • Digital representation of a signature. Special programs support digital electronic signatures using the public key infrastructure. They also allow you to draw a digital representation of your signature, so there is an actual signature in the document. This is especially useful if you’re sending a digitally signed document to someone who may not be particularly tech-savvy. They may not understand how a digital signature works, but they’ll have a signature that they’ll recognize when they print the document.
  • Fax signing. This is one of the main uses of a scanned signature. You can receive a fax, and sign it without printing the document itself.

The availability of a copy of your signature, stored on your computer or laptop as an image, can be incredibly useful for signing PDF documents and some online forms. There are various methods of sending a signature on your computer without having to sign paper forms, scan them to your computer once completed, and send them back. You can sign a piece of paper, take a picture of it, send it to your computer and edit it in Photoshop. However, there is a much easier way.

How to Represent an Electronic Signature?

Are you still using different programs to manage and edit your documents? Try then the’s platform to make the process of creating electronic signatures efficient. You will be able to create fillable forms, contracts, and document templates, integrate cloud services, and even more useful features in your browser. You can use the digital signature image right away because all the features are available. You will have the value of the fully presented platform for the cost of a lightweight core application. The key is flexibility, usability, and customer satisfaction.

The platform allows signing documents in a fraction of the time that it takes to print, sign and send a physical document. You will be able to reduce the time it takes for others to receive and sign the necessary paperwork, just send the document through the platform and request a signature.

Create a Signature in Pandadoc

The American company Pandadoc optimizes selling workflows and provides transparency in the execution of offers and contracts. The software allows you to keep track of documents directly in your workspace:

  1. Real-time status updates. You will be able to track a document status directly on the platform. Get instant notifications whenever your document is signed, plus check which documents were sent for signing, signed, or waiting to be signed using the Pandadoc bot.

Security and compliance with all standards. Electronic signatures Pandadoc are globally compatible and legally binding in almost every country.

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