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It’s clear that Amazon Prime has a heap of great content to watch. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have access to a wealth of movies and TV shows that you can watch streaming online. However, what if you want to download these movies and TV shows so that you can watch them offline? That’s where Amazon Prime Downloader comes in. With StreamFab Amazon Downloader, you can easily download any movie or TV show from Amazon Prime so that you can watch it whenever and wherever you want.

Streamfab Amazon Download

What is StreamFab Amazon Prime Downloader

StreamFab Amazon Downloader is a well-known downloading program that offers a version for Prime Video. If you want to download Amazon Prime videos and view them on the road, this app can help. If you’re on the go, you’ll want to watch your favorite TV series and movies on your preferred device. While you can download them on the official app, the format in which you can save such files and the length of time you can save them are limited. You are also limited in the number of titles you can download. When you utilize our downloading software, all of these restrictions vanish.

StreamFab’s key features include the ability to download from many nations when you have an official membership account. It can also be used with virtual private networks (VPNs), which allow you to download from other countries when traveling.

The software includes some unique capabilities, such as saving downloads in several formats, such as MP4. It removes advertising and gets metadata information to organize downloaded videos better. You can also save files in any language you like, including audio tracks and subtitles. The download speed is lightning quick, and you can even schedule multiple downloads with this Amazon Prime video downloader.

Developed with many great features, the StreamFab Amazon downloader works very well. Check out these amazing features below:

  • Download any Amazon Prime video from all Prime video regional sites;
  • Download Amazon Prime videos in 720p/1080p and with EAC3 5.1 audio track;
  • Save downloaded videos in H.256 or H.264 format;
  • Get rid of ads when downloading IMDB TV videos;
  • Pre-select audio and subtitles per the UI language;
  • Save subtitles as SRT files or remux into video;
  • Support batch mode download and fast speed;
  • Download media server-friendly metadata info;

How Does It Work?

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can download movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video to watch offline. This is a great feature if you’re going to be without internet access for a while, or if you want to watch a Prime Video title that isn’t available in your country. Here’s how it works.

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To download a movie or TV show from Amazon Prime Video, you’ll need to install the StreamFab Amazon Downloader app. Once it’s installed, open the app and sign in with your Amazon Prime account. Then, navigate to the movie or TV show that you want to download and click the “Download” button. The movie or TV show will then start downloading to your computer.

Once the download is finished, you can watch the movie or TV show offline by opening the StreamFab Player app and selecting the “Offline” section. Here, you’ll see all of the movies and TV shows that you’ve downloaded. Just click on the one that you want to watch and enjoy!

Advantages of StreamFab’s Amazon Prime Downloader

There are a few advantages to using the Amazon Downloader to download movies from Amazon Prime.

1.  StreamFab amazon downloader facilitates the metadata downloads such as the movie title, show season, episode title, and movie duration. This makes it possible for the user to organize their downloaded shows and movies for watching offline.

2.  The downloader also has versions for mac devices. StreamFab is not only limited to Windows devices but can also be downloaded on MAC devices. This makes the StreamFab amazon downloader ideal for any computer.

3.  When using StreamFab amazon downloader, it’s possible to customize the download speeds. This is made possible by the high-speed option in the StreamFab download options. The fast download option is ideal for users with high internet bandwidth.

4.  The StreamFab amazon downloader enables the remix of subtitles into the videos or saves them separately in a different file. This enables the user to watch his downloaded shows and movies using various subtitle options.

5.  The downloader also facilitates the download of very high-quality 8k videos from various platforms. 8k videos give the user a pleasant watching experience due to the high-quality video and sound display. The StreamFab downloader also allows the user to download videos directly from the browser by using the URL link the video is played on. StreamFab has an option for pasting URLs to make fast downloads.

6.  The StreamFab downloader is not only limited to amazon prime movies and shows. You can also make downloads using StreamFab from other streaming platforms or other movie sites. The downloader allows users to download movies and shows in various formats depending on how they want to save the downloaded files.

Final Words

If you are still looking for the answer to the question “how to download purchased movies from amazon to pc ”, then StreamFab Amazon Downloader is the perfect solution for you. This downloader software can be downloaded for free on both Windows and Mac computers. StreamFab Amazon Downloader only costs $39.99. This fee is reasonable when you consider all of the advantages and benefits you’ll get from downloading your movies.

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