What is current affairs

News items are explained in-depth and in real-time, that kind of journalism is said to be current affairs. This is in contrast to traditional news broadcasts, which prioritize news stories provided in a straightforward manner as quickly as practicable, with little or no commentary. For aspirants appearing for any government exams, it is critical that you read the Current Affairs.

What Makes Current Affairs So Crucial in Competitive Exams?

The Current Affairs component of competitive exams assesses your understanding of social, economic, and political trends. As a result, it is essential to match your exam preparation to the most recent Current Affairs and Daily GK Updates. The prior year’s UPSC question paper makes preparation much easier.

Current events are organized into several divisions, with some of the most categories listed below:

  1. National Current Affairs: This section contains all essential news regarding what’s going on in the country. An applicant must include current knowledge of the country’s recent events in order to do well in the banking exam.
  2. Economic Issues: The economic current affairs section will cover all of the latest news concerning India’s economy and its economic connection with other nations. You can also find other significant issues relating to daily current news, such as economic growth, product rate, new economic growth plans, and frontier zones.
  3. International Current Affairs: In terms of the banking examination, a candidate should prepare thoroughly including both national and international news that has occurred since the previous year. 
  4. Banking Current Affairs: This section will go over all of the latest changes in banking rules and policies. You should be knowledgeable of the stock market as well as banking operations for economic growth while you study for the banking exam.
  5. Awards & Achievements: This area contains current events with both national and international awards during your preparation.
  6. Sports: This section includes all recent national and international competitions and sporting events.
  7. Appointments: This section contains information on all new appointments made by the Indian government and other countries throughout the world.

What is the Value of the Previous Year’s UPSC Question Papers?

As per IAS scorers and experts, all aspirants aiming to be civil servants should make tackling Previous Year UPSC Question Papers a priority. The more you solve the question papers, the easier it will be for you to manage your time and increase your accuracy throughout the exam. It will also provide you an idea as to what elements of the Syllabus are more important, as well as the complexity level. 

It is crucial to enhance speed as well as understand strategies for avoiding negative marks on the preliminary exam. In addition, previous exam papers are required for the optional topic. It allows the applicants’ weak and strong topic areas to be identified. Aspirants would be able to better align their exam preparation as a result of this. Furthermore, completing the IAS mains paper will assist you in developing response writing habits as well as the art of timing.

The UPSC Prelims Paper is only for screening purposes. The marks acquired in the Prelims Exam will be used to determine whether or not you are qualified for the Main exam. The current affairs are mostly covered in Paper I of the Prelims, whereas the aptitude exam is covered in Paper-II or CSAT. Excluding the language exams A and B, all the main papers are merit-based. Papers A and B are qualifying papers, and candidates must achieve at least 25% for each to have their grades from Paper I through Paper VII weighted.

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