11 Best Anime Torrent Sites

We all have that one crazy anime fan, who doesn’t miss a single episode of a newly released series. The one who is always into some anime show, in fact, the one who has their phone’s wallpaper set to one of their favorite anime. Do you know what’s the interesting part about these anime fans? It’s that they force each of their friends to watch their favorite anime show so that they will become just like them. Well, maybe this is why the hype of anime is growing vigorously these days. 

But the thing with anime shows is that being Japanese series, they are not released on any major platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime. So wouldn’t it be disappointing for the anime fans if they don’t get to see their favorite show? This is why we are here with a bunch of torrent sites that will let you watch and download unlimited anime shows for free. Yes, you heard that right. There are a number of torrent sites that are known for leaking the latest anime content and even letting you download them for free. So let’s get started.

Best Torrent Sites for Anime

Even if you are not that crazy anime fan just like your other friends, don’t you ever wonder what all the hype is about? Well, this might be because you are stuck with the bald, regular-looking Saitama in the widely famous anime “One punch man” on HULU. What you are missing here is there are a huge number of many more such movies and shows that you can’t even imagine. There’s so much to explore in the anime world that once you get it, you will get lost. This is why we are here to help you, here’s a list of some best torrent sites for you to watch and download anime shows and movies for free:


The very first torrent site we have for downloading and watching unlimited anime shows and movies is AnimeTosho. The website has a huge collection of anime content. 

The best part about this site is that most of the content on it is verified. AnimeTosho has a very simple and clean interface making it convenient for even beginners to navigate from one page to another. On AnimeTosho, you can have two options of downloading an anime show, you can either download it directly or use the magnet link for it. 

Feature Verifies content, clean and simple interface 
Types of content available Anime shows and anime movies 
Blocked in Nowhere 
Proxy URLAnime Tosho


Another very popular anime torrent site is 1337X. The website came into the spotlight a few years back only, and since then, it is ruling the hearts of anime enthusiasts. 

The website has a widely dedicated section of anime shows and movies, plus the UI of 1337X is very simple too. And not just anime, you can have access to a variety of content on 1337X. The unique part about this website is that it highlights today’s special, weekly special, monthly special, and even other trending content on the top of its homepage, making it way more convenient for the users to locate the latest shows. 

Feature Variety of content, simple, and clean interface 
Types of content available Anime movies, music, shows, and games 
Blocked in Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, and Ireland
Proxy URL1337X


Just like 1337X, Torlock also has a widely dedicated section of anime content. Plus it is one of the very few sites that is listed in the verified torrent sites lists. The site displays the size and the download time of the anime to make it easier for the users. 

The only fact about Torlock is that it only provides direct links to anime shows and not any magnet links for it. But still, there’s nothing to worry about downloading anime content here as the links provided are perfectly fine. 

Feature There is only verified content available here. 
Types of content available Anime movies, games, TV shows, and software 
Blocked in Australia, India, United Kingdom 
Proxy URLTorlock 

Anime Layer 

Another very popular and one of the most used anime torrent sites is Anime Layer. The best part about Anime Layer is its visually impressive UI and user-friendly interface which makes it easier for the users to locate their desired content. 

What interests the fans and even the new users is that here they are able to find their favorite anime shows and movies in dubbed languages too. On most platforms, people are only able to find anime shows in their original language which is Japanese, but here, language is not a barrier. 

Not just that, on Anime Layer you can have the detailed information of the anime show you are going to download, like country, type, genre, release date, size, description, and much more. 

Feature Detailed information of each and every content along with a visually impressive interface.
Types of content available Anime movies and series 
Blocked in Nowhere 
Proxy URLNo proxy or mirror URL available 


If you are a diehard anime fan, you must remember an old anime torrent site named Horriblesubs. Horriblesubs was one of the most popular and the oldest anime torrent sites but unfortunately was shut down recently due to some issue. Well, the good news is, SubsPlease is just like Horribesubs. 

SubsPlease is known for tracking the best and latest anime shows, plus it also shows the schedule of all the upcoming episodes of anime shows at the top of the screen. This excites the users even more. 

For their users, the website also provides a very active Discord community where fans can share their favorite anime content endlessly. On SubsPlease, you can have multiple download quality videos from just 480p to 1080p. 

Feature Shows the schedules of upcoming  anime and other content.
Types of content available Anime movies and shows 
Blocked in Nowhere 
Proxy URLNot available 


The part that makes AniRena attractive and one of the most visited sites is that you wouldn’t be required to create an account to download or watch anime content. All you have to do is visit the site and search for your desired show or movie and you’ll have access to its download link. 

Most of the anime content here is dubbed in the English language, so you won’t have to worry about the language barrier while streaming content on AniRena. But there’s a whole different section for the anime content in its original language too. The website also shows the size of the anime content along with its number of downloads. 

Feature Anime available in English as well as the original language displays the size of the show too. 
Types of content available Anime movies and shows 
Blocked in Nowhere 
Proxy URLNot available 


Just like many other sites, Limetorrents also offers verified anime content. The site also displays the upload time of a show and its size. This is beneficial as with this, you get to know all the important details of the content that you are going to download. 

Limetorrents is not just limited to anime content, here you can also find a variety of movies, games, TV shows, software, and so much more. The best part about this site is that it has a one-click download feature, which means while you are on the site, all you have to do is click on the “download” button and the content will start to download. 

Feature One-click download, displays the size and download time of each content.
Types of content available Anime movies, other movies, games, software, ebooks. 
Blocked in Australia, France, and United Kingdom 
Proxy URLLimetorrents 


You probably have heard of this site, YTS is one of the most popular torrent sites. On YTS, you will find content in HD, FHD, and 4K resolution so you can select the quality of content that suits you the most. 

The website has a very clean and developed interface and not just that, the search tools of the site are quite self-generated too. 

The unique part about this website is that you can download the content with less size too and still it won’t compromise the quality of the content. 

Feature Content is available in high quality, even in 3D
Types of content available Anime movies and shows 
Blocked in Ireland 


Another one of the oldest and undoubtedly one of the most useful anime torrent sites is EZTV. The site was founded by a TV-Torrent distribution group in May 2005, after ten years of success, the site was unfortunately taken down in April 2015. The reason for this takedown of the sire was its unlawful operations that lead to some copyright infringements.

Unlike any other torrent site, EZTV shows zero ads, which means you can stream and surf on the site without any interruptions. 

The good part is that the site still manages to operate and serves its users under the domain name of EZTV.io, the site now releases its torrents and is not under any group. If still, you aren’t able to have access to the site, you can always have access to it through its proxy and mirror sites.  

Feature There are no ads or breaks on the site.
Types of content available Anime movies and TV shows.
Blocked in Australia, United Kingdom, and Ireland 


AniDex is known for providing unlimited anime content from action, thriller to romance. Although the site was initially shut down it still is in operation through various domain names. 

For all the Manga fans, here you will find the latest content in the .cbz  format that you can read online without any interruption. Plus there is also a wide range of light novels both in English and in the Japanese language. Well, no doubt, AniDex is like a treasure for anime fans. The website has a quick search bar option, where all you have to do is type the name of your favorite anime content and all the related results will appear on your screen. 

There is also an entirely separate section of anime soundtracks where you can simply download anime music in premium quality. 

Feature Anime in various languages along with subtitles. 
Types of content available Anime movies, manga, light novels, anime soundtracks. 
Blocked in The site isn’t blocked in any country in some regions 
Proxy URLNot required 


Similar to AniDex, Nyaa has also shut down a while ago but it did make a strong comeback. The site is still operating with another domain name. So there’s no need of using any alternative site of Nyaa as the site itself is back now. 

You can simply search for the genres of anime from the search bar itself and you will have all the related results. The site is also well-known for showing filtered content, which means there will be no repeated content here. Most sites provide content in either the original language or dubbed in English, but at Nyaa, you will find anime content dubbed in various languages, from English to Italian.

The unique part about this site is that if you have a proper license, you can not just download content from here but also upload them. 

Feature There’s a special dark mode on the site, you can search content from the search bar directly. 
Types of content available Anime movies, manga, drawing tools, TV shows. 
Blocked in The site isn’t blocked in any country in some regions
Proxy URLNyaa

So these were some top torrent sites for downloading and streaming free anime content. As the number of torrent sites is increasing eventually, it won’t be hard for you to locate your favorite anime content, even the ones dubbed in different languages. 

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