You must have heard of proxies before, whether as a tech-savvy individual or as a casual user. They can be used in business as well as your everyday life. There are various different types of proxies, each with its own distinct purpose. Proxies have a lot of benefits, but to choose the perfect proxy for your business needs, you need to know how it can help you make more sales and generate more traffic.

Several marketing professionals today also use the internet to source necessary content for their businesses. They do this to make better decisions regarding the company’s advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, and future direction. 

People rarely stop to think about the actual mechanics of how the internet functions. The effect of this is the internet availability of beautiful animal photographs and round-the-clock news updates. These excellent offers also bring with them the inherent risk of data security breaches and identity theft.

What is a Proxy? 

In tech, a proxy server refers to a special computer or software system running on a computer. The proxy server acts as an intermediary between an endpoint device, such as a computer, and another server from which a user is requesting a service. Proxy servers are known for the sense of security they give to internet users. Some of these proxy servers are free and effective. 

Finding free proxy servers, especially reliable ones, is not easy. Hence, we put together a list of free proxies all around the globe with an active duration of 80% when the server is active and running. The proxies on the list will offer a good degree of anonymity since only elite proxies have been included. 

Why Businesses Need Proxies

Having discussed proxies, and their conceptual meanings in business and technology, we would like to bring to the fore, the advantages of using these proxies, in business. 

Business enterprises that are intentional about reaching a larger audience, do a lot of online marketing. And in conducting effective online marketing, businesses make use of proxies. But now, the question on your mind is, what are the merits of using these proxies? 

Added Security Layer

Your company’s safety should be the number one priority since you are storing your employees’ and clients’ private and financial details on your servers. A proxy server adds an extra layer of protection to your network and devices. It can also help protect them against malware attacks, counterfeit schemes, phishing attacks, and more. 

With the advent of employees working remotely, you need to be able to provide them with a secure connection to your on-site servers. A proxy caters to that and encrypts all communications shared across the internet.

Bypass Geo-blocked Locations 

A proxy server helps to bypass all geo-blocked locations that websites impose. If you have a business with international interests and competitors, you can configure a proxy to use an IP address for the country where your competitor is situated. By doing this, you’ll be able to access their site to see what products they offer and their local pricing. 

For instance, YouTube has country-restricted content. Let’s assume you’re in the UK and want to see what your competitor is publishing on the social media site in Germany. You can use a YouTube proxy to link an IP address to access British content on YouTube.

Faster Connection Speeds and Security

Proxies allow businesses to upgrade their customer experiences on their official websites. Customers and clients want websites that don’t lag, are convenient to use, and want to be assured that their private and financial information will be safe. Internet proxies permit developers to install peer-to-peer servers that manage the company website, thereby improving response times. The website of your business can host more users at once due to the supplementary bandwidth, and their information will be safe whenever they log into your site.

Online Anonymity

Websites discern and log IP addresses and make use of geo or purchase limitations. A proxy like a social media proxy will give you online anonymity and privacy by hiding your IP address. The site you use to source data will use the IP address of the proxy server. If the IP address gets restricted or blacklisted, the proxy will revert to using a new IP address.

More Effective Data Gathering

Any innovative business knows that effective decision-making can only be done with accurate data and the correct analysis. To come up with an effective marketing strategy, market research professionals need to: 

  • Know what potential customers’ needs are
  • Know the preferred products of potential customers
  • Know  what makes those products preferred choices for potential customers
  • Know what products those customers like on social networks or are actively searching for. 

You can delve into more details and discover which products are popular per country or region and why potential customers prefer those products. There’s a wide range of facts that can be searched, depending on your company’s requirements or marketing vision. 

Proxies increase the speed at which the data is gathered, and the proxy cycles IP addresses to evade bots on websites that block users based on suspicious behavior. Your web extractor can source all the information you need without getting any embargoes. 


The effect that proxies – like social media proxies – have on business enterprises cannot be overemphasized. They help in the effective collation of every form of data that a company needs. As a technology, proxies are so important that the survival and growth of every business in the modern age massively depend on them. 

As an entrepreneur looking to nurture and grow your business, you can build an effective SEO strategy by conducting thorough research. Using a proxy lets you access any website regardless of the country. With this, you can anonymously collect SEO-related data and use the data to improve your search engine ranks. By doing this, you bring your target audience to your web pages. Since proxies have so many advantages and usefulness for businesses, it’s a must-have for every business owner. Luckily, you don’t always have to pay as there are tons of free proxies available.

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