Online course and career

Online classes can be intriguing. Imagine attending a class while sitting in the comfort of your bedroom with your shorts and a flavored lollipop in your hand. With internet-enabled devices, online classes have offered ease of attendance and effective teaching tools that make many choose online classes over other means of tutoring. 

After the pandemic, online classes became one of the most important educational tools for all and sundry in the 21st century. Online educational sites have amazing educational tools that are not found in a conventional classroom.

At certain points in your career, you may need to skill up, acquire more education, or get another certification for a job position or promotion. You will have to decide how you want your classes to take place.

When that need arises, you will be left with many questions. One typical example of questions that people ask is “How can I incorporate an on-site class into an already tight daily schedule? Important questions like this are difficult to give actionable answers to.  It is extremely difficult for a single mother who works a 9-5 job and gets home to take care of the kids to find on-site classes easy.

You may not be a mother who has to meet the needs of her kids or a young lad who is juggling three jobs to make ends meet. But, if you already have your hands full and can not deal with the stress of an on-site class, you need to know how an online course can impact your career growth. How much of a better alternative is online classes compared to on-site classes?

2 – 5 Ways Online Courses Will Change Your Career Forever

Proper education is capable of changing an entire generation. Getting such education through easily accessible online educational sites such as Simon Sez IT will equally reap life-changing results.

Here are five ways good online courses will spice up your portfolio;

Prestigious Schools in your Backyard

Getting a certificate from any of the Ivy League schools seems to be a pipe dream to many. However, with online classes around, you can attend these schools from home and get certified just like anyone present in person. Another plus is that you are given the same prestige that comes with any alumni of the school.

Working and Studying are Permitted

Say no to student loans! Seriously, you do not need to be indebted to anyone when it comes to online classes. With online classes, you can easily work and study which is a privilege you may not find in all on-site classes.

You can easily use the funds you gathered while working to pay for your online class tuition fees. You also don’t need to tender your resignation letter before you study.

It is Affordable

Compared to on-site classes, online classes provide financial alternatives for students who register. Therefore, you can attend online classes without breaking a sweat.

No Off Topics

The chance of getting off-course with a lecturer in an online class is zero. There are a lot of tools that will remind the teacher as well as the students of the lesson outline, objectives, and significance of study while taking a course. These tools always come in handy to remind you and the tutor of the academic goal set before you.

It is Widely Accepted

Gone are the days when you are afraid of tendering certificates earned from online classes. Now, online classes are recognized in almost any company in the world. Almost 88% of employers agree that employees who earn an online certificate from reputable universities should be paid better than their counterparts.

The most important part is that anyone who wants a career change can easily switch and apply for one with the right credential on an online teaching platform.

E-Learning Trends That Will Have a Positive Impact on Your Career in 2022

Online learning is a fresh path that has drastically changed the face of education in America and the rest of the world in general. Just like in the traditional educational system, choosing any course without understanding how it is taught or if it is in demand is not a smart move.

Some online platforms are capable of running tests and tailor-make the right teaching approach for you. Therefore, it is imperative to know which skills are highly sought after in the labor system before going ahead to study them. Know how simply these courses are taught, too. 

Here is a list of 4 e-learning trends that can personalize learning for you in 2022;


The fact that both adults and kids are used to games in their daily lives makes the concept of gamifying education more interesting. Depending on the course in question, the tutor can set up games that are categorized by difficulty (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and let the students carry out exercises using them.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a trend that has gained traction a lot more in 2022. This trend allows students to properly study courses at their own pace using any of the tools made available by online teaching software.


Students do not have to wait before their scores are posted on a notice board or mailed to the guardian. They can enjoy the process of learning by trying as many times as possible until they can finally get the concept of the course.

Video based learning

Since the pandemic, educational institutions regardless of their size have relied on technology to boost the learning process. Using pre-recorded videos are an essential tool for this learning process. With video-based learning, students can watch their instructor repeat a topic without fear or peer pressure.


E-learning is the face of education in the 21st century. Many established citadels of learning are now adopting the approach created by e-learning platforms like Simon Sez IT into their teaching mode. They either run a hybrid learning model or are fully transiting online. It is only wise to start the journey of scaling up your career early and embark on your knowledge-acquiring journey soon.

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