Public Folder Calendar

A public folder calendar helps teams and employees in an eCommerce to use a calendar without the need to maintain a mailbox. However, you can integrate any public folder calendar with Outlook if you know how to do it.

Before you learn how to add a public folder calendar in Outlook, you need to create a public folder calendar first. Fortunately, you do not need an IT expert to adjust the settings. When all is set, you can then add it to Outlook.

Create a Public Folder Calendar in Outlook

If you would like to know how to add a public folder calendar in Outlook, you are not alone. Many people, especially those in eCommerce, would like to know too.

  • First, ensure that you have the right to create a public folder and then log into the Outlook platform.
  • Second, click to expand the  “all public folders’’ option and then create a new folder. You can also either create a new folder under the  “all public folders’’ option or under an existing folder.
  • Lastly, name the folder and choose the  “calendar items” under the  “folder contains” option. After that, click  “ok” and your public folder calendar is ready.

With this public shared calendar, everyone in the organization can see and add items to the calendar.

Create a Shared Mail Box in Office 365

Whether your Office 365 is integrated with your eCommerce platform or not, you can enjoy shared calendars. The VirtoSoftware blog link explains more on how to work around this when the eCommerce platform has integrated Office 365. However, all you need to know is how to add a public folder calendar in Outlook. To simplify it for you, here are the simple steps to follow.

  • First, log into your Office 365 portal and navigate to the Admin section.
  • Second, navigate to the  “users and group” tab to get access to the  “shared mailbox” link.
  • Third, click on the link and edit with information such as the name and the folder where the calendar will be shown.
  • Fourth, move to the next step to add members who will see the shared folder calendar. Also, add those who can search for the public mail folder.

It is worth noting that those who have been added to see this Office 365 public calendar can share it. So, if you have new members in your eCommerce company, it is good to add them and then teach them how to add a public folder calendar in Outlook.

Adding Permissions

Apart from knowing how to add a public folder calendar in Outlook, you should also know something about the permissions. By default, users within the organization can see, edit, and share the public folder calendar. So, the default setting affects you even if you don’t set it. But if you want people outside of your organization to see the calendar, you need to set the anonymous setting.With these settings, you now know how to add a public calendar in Outlook. The best thing is that anyone can learn how to create a public calendar in Office 365 with easy steps and there is no need for an expert.

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