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Modern workspaces are now more focused on technology-based ways and means. Therefore, it is no surprise that most businesses actively look for the best Spectrum cable prices so they can make the workplace fun for employees. Also, for this rising trend, is equipped with software and computer skills is desirable as it gives you an advantage over other aspiring candidates. Putting sharp computer skills on your resume will definitely nail down the chances of you being shortlisted. 

4 Computer Skills That Will Make Your Resume Standout 

Almost every industry is now utilizing the perks of digitalization. Be it agriculture jobs or labor jobs, computer skills are vital in doing things effectively. A pre-school teacher must also use a computer or a certain software to make hand-outs and worksheets, or a quality assurance engineer must know how to work with specific technologies like Python or HTML. Likewise, administration and management professionals cannot do without proper computer/software skills. With that said, let’s find out what decisive computer skills you should put on your resume.   

#1. Microsoft Office

Needless to say, this skill should be taught in primary school. Office is Microsoft’s entourage of productivity programs. The series include MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, and OneDrive. If you’re still unsure about some of the apps, make sure to brush up on your MS Office skills because none of the workplaces can function efficiently without it. 

Some of the techniques that are basic to learn as well as beginner-friendly consist of:

  • Excel spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Microsoft Access
  • Email

Spreadsheets are extraordinary and very useful in keeping everything organized. It is a versatile tool to make lists or organize them into tabular data. Also, it does calculations and analytics. It is important to know how Excel Spreadsheets work because it is not only for office work, but it also keeps employees sane as there is a lot of data that has to be managed daily.   

Similarly, PowerPoint presentations are a great tool to communicate ideas in a shorter, smarter way. Usually, there is a limited time to convey your POV to a prospective client, and making it interesting and well explained is only achievable with PowerPoint presentations. 

Microsoft Access is a bigger version of Excel spreadsheets. MS Access is a means to support a huge amount of data management in an effective way. 

Emailing is another basic skill that does not need more explanation. Call it crucial because offices and industries usually work through emails, even more so since the COVID-19 era started. 

#2. Website & Social Media

Websites or search engines are a great assistant. You definitely don’t need any physical assistant if you’ve got the skill to use websites and search engines to research and collect data for a task. Also, there are several websites on the Internet that provides free courses to learn a new skill; or even just finding a unique image or graphics for your presentations can prove fruitful. 

In the same way, social media is becoming a primary pillar to build up your career. Having extensive knowledge of how to use social media in increasing networks and contacts is a skill that makes you the apple of your boss’s eye. You’d be in demand wherever you go, becoming a social media expert is the key. This is a particularly important component with marketing and HR jobs. Types of social media skills include writing, designing, public speaking, customer service, and analytics. 

#3. Troubleshooting

One cannot underestimate the power of a troubleshooter. Troubleshooting skill is an expertise that is required in all types of industries. A troubleshooting skill will give you an edge over other employees, and you could prove to be an asset to your organization. Point in case, a frozen program or a USB port malfunction gives chills, having the ability to solve it on your own in a fixed amount of time is a precious skill. 

This skill is easy to learn, you only have to know how operating systems function. Moreover, studying hardware and software that are commonly used will assist you in dealing with such problems. There are various tutorials on the Internet that can help in troubleshooting, and constant research about different troubleshooting areas will certainly make you proficient. 

#4. Graphic Design 

Although graphic designing is something that you may not be required to do every day. However, acquiring this skill can go a long way! You see, if you are a skilled graphic designer, you will be able to convert a simple presentation or document into something that is not just engaging but also visually appealing. 


Your resume is an investment that you make to build a career out of it. A well-formed resume that lists a set of valuable skills is rewarding to both the recruiter and naturally to the candidate. You should try to trace what skills are in demand for the job that you’re looking for. Skills that are proven through experience and evidence call attention to the reader and put you in a spotlight that you crave for. Good luck!

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