Do you have any plans for PMI ACP? Are you curious about the price of the PMI ACP certification? How do you budget for it? The relevant costs for the PMI ACP accreditation must be considered when estimating the PMI ACP cost. 

You may well have noticed that the PMI ACP is now the most sought-after certification in the market.

Are you aware that according to PMI Institute, this credential has the quickest rate of growth? Why do you believe it is the most in-demand certification right now? Let’s examine the advantages of PMI ACP so that we can compare the costs and Return on Investment.

As we have shown, earning a PMI ACP accreditation carries a sizable number of benefits. So let’s talk about what can make up the price of the PMI ACP Certification. At a top standard, the PMI ACP Process includes the test fee and the expense of agile practices training.

Using a Website 

We should first go through the procedure for applying for the PMI ACP Exam. You may log in to the PMI webpage to begin filling out your PMI ACP registration if you’re doing it online. Navigate to the online certification system’s PMI ACP accreditation application page.

Exam Fee as a Standard Cost of PMI ACP 

The exam fee aspect of the PMI ACP cost is a predetermined or non-negotiable amount that you pay to PMI. The question “How often is indeed the PMI ACP Examination fee?” comes to mind next. Here are some specifics. 

For both members and non-members of PMI, there are varying fees. For the PMI ACP Certification, PMI furthermore regularly gives a Computer Based Test (CBT) and a Paper Based Examination (PBE). Only specific unique cases—which are listed in the PMI manual or on the website—will be covered by PBT. 

Status CBT/PBT

PMI Member $435

PMI Non-Member $495

Therefore, $435 or $495 is included in the price of your PMI ACP Certification.

Membership in PMI 

It makes perfect sense to join if you’re not already a member. One is the reduction, and the other is the availability of numerous PMI resources. If you decide to join, the cost of your PMI ACP Credential will increase by $139. If you are a PMP or Pg MP already, you are likely a member and are thus still eligible for the discounted rate.

What forms of Payment are Accepted? 

Which methods of payment are accepted by PMI for the cost of the PMI ACP Certification? You must choose between submitting a paper application by mail or an online application before choosing the payment method. Submit a request to PMI customer support for a printed version. 

Application Fee for Online Submission

When you submit your application and receive verification, you can opt to pay online using a credit card to expedite the process, but they also accept alternative payment methods. 

The Cost of the Printable Version is

You may still pay online if you’re submitting by mail, or you can use a check, money order, or wire transfer.

While the minimum required fee would be: PMI Participant (435) plus 21 hours of online training (200), which comes to $635.

Let’s examine the very worst possible case at the opposite end of the spectrum: 

You might need to reschedule this, purchase more resources, etc. Or, to put it briefly, pay the whole cost of the aforementioned PMI ACP Certification components. Your PMI ACP Accreditation fee in this instance would be: $2415


Therefore, don’t only think about the exam price when calculating the PMI ACP Accreditation Cost; think about all the components that project management PMI includes. As you can see, a significant portion of the cost of the PMI ACP certificate is the 21-hour PMI ACP course. Some training centers provide online courses, which is an easy way to get certification and training in PMI ACP courses from anywhere. On the other hand, these institutes help students with practice tests and doubt classes with experienced teachers.

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