Used cars in pakistan

The economic condition of Pakistan is not very stable right now. Many middle-class people are suffering financially. At the same time, the need for a personal vehicle is very clear living in a Pakistani household. Most middle-class people try to buy used cars that are preferably under 10 lacs so they can afford them. In this article, we have brought you a list of some used vehicles that you can easily buy. 

Suzuki Mehran

We all know this one! It is one of the cheapest and most highly used vehicles in Pakistan. It is available in four models. VX, VXR, VX-CNG, VXR-CNG. The Suzuki Mehran was launched by Pak-Suzuki motors as a  replacement for Suzuki FX. The company has stopped Mehran’s production now. But you can still buy second-hand Mehran at a very low price. 

When we talk about cheap cars, Mehran pops up in our mind instantly. People love this vehicle not only for its price but for its spare parts availability and fuel average too. Every model comes with a 799cc OHC engine. 

Mehran VX can be bought for Rs. 630,000. Mehran VX is available for up toRs. 698,000. Mehran VXR can be bought for Rs. 700,000 and Mehran VXR for Rs. 748,000.

Suzuki Every

Suzuki debuted its 11th generation, Suzuki Every, in 2005. This vehicle is super affordable in Pakistan in 2022. It is a five-door, four-wheel-drive Kei vehicle with a unique design. The front end of the vehicle is adorned with rectangular side headlamps, a tiny multi-entry grille, and triple air intakes. 

The rear side of the vehicle has low-mounted rectangular tail lamps. The vehicle has sliding doors for the rear passengers. We can say that Every has a boxy design. Fabric seats are present for both front and rear. The vehicle has an air conditioning system, radio and speaker system, and a tachometer. The price ranges between Rs 500,000 and Rs 2,350,000 depending on whether you want to buy used cars or new ones. 

Hyundai Santro 

The Hyundai Santro is also considered one of the best used cars to buy in Pakistan. Hyundai Santro is loved for its spacious interior and eye-capturing exterior. It has various models but the current model being sold in 2022, the Santro Xing, is better than all the others. It is a 1086cc vehicle with a fuel average of 10 to 14 kilometers per liter. 

The exterior of the vehicle is adorned by clear lens headlamps and tail lamps. The safety features include crumple zones and child locks as well. This feature was not seen in any other variant of Santro. Overall, the vehicle is very comfortable and best for a small family. You can easily buy a used Santro for less than 8 lacs. 

Suzuki Alto 

The first Suzuki Alto was released in 1979. Now, in 2022 the new model of Suzuki Alto can be seen. It comes in three variants. VX, VXR, and VXL. All these variants are readily available in Pakistan. Alto is currently one of the most used vehicles in Pakistan. It is a very comfortable vehicle used by many students and small families. 

The vehicle is creatively designed, both the exterior and the interior. In terms of performance, there is no exception. It gives an average mileage of 22 kilometers per liter which is brilliant. The vehicle is cheap in price. The used Suzuki Alto may be available in between the range of Rs. 1,198,000 and Rs. 1,598,000. 

Daihatsu Cuore 

Daihatsu Cuore is another cheap vehicle that can be bought easily for up to 10 lacs in Pakistan. The vehicle has a beautiful metallic exterior. Many people use this vehicle for performing their daily activities. It has a 660cc engine. It gives a mileage of 17 kilometers per liter. In terms of comfort, it is one of the best vehicles that you can opt for if you want a vehicle for your small family at an affordable price. 


Small vehicles are easy to handle and easy to maintain. But there is a huge variety in the market. These were some of the best small vehicles that you can choose from if you want to purchase a good ride. Happy car shopping!

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